Weekly Workout 12/02/2019

on 12/2/19 7:27 am, edited 12/2/19 2:12 pm - Jackson, TN
RNY on 04/17/15

Oh, the Bariatric scariest week for me is the week of Thanksgiving..

So much food..and with this hip, my workouts are not as intense as I need them to be..but nevertheless, I have started incorporating Sunday gym time..

So, still Monday and Friday PT ****il Dec 20th) and Tues and Thurs pool and Wednesday and Sunday elliptical, spin bike and weights (for my legs)

Hopefully by early next year I will get released to run again.

And also, today is my birthday..yeaaaah 51..lol 12/02

Height=5"4' Age=49 RNY=04/17/2015

HW=285, CW=205, LW=197, GW=195

My exercise motto-Further or faster!!!

on 12/5/19 3:39 pm - Canada

This is late but Happy Birthday to you. I hope you had a wonderful birthday. I hope you get your wish and be able to run next year.

i hope to start posting again. Been through way to much and I was breaking down. Than this week i have been so sick could not get out of bed. Not 100 per cent yet but i am up and moving.

Take care

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