Trying to find some low impact things to do indoors

on 4/24/20 3:39 pm

I am trying to get into the groove with what I can do for when I am able to see my doctor again to get this ball rolling so I can have surgery... Since my county has mandated facemasks when outdoors, and I am pretty much the only one home during the day while my husband works, I don't really go out because I have 2 small children... What are some things I can do around the house that can help me get moving... I am 5'4", about 340ish pounds with knee and lower back problems.

on 5/6/20 3:38 pm

if you have 2 16oz cans of (insert canned veggie here) you can use those for weights, sitting on a chair and doing squats really helps. jogging in place or even doing laps around the house holding one of your children or even doing piggyback rides, push up on your bed or on the wall... anything to get you moving is a step in the right direction!

You can also get tension bands on amazon and wrap those around a solid structure to get resistance training in to your schedule!

on 5/16/20 7:24 am

What about fitball? It is cheap, you can order it online, and there are many great exercises (it is easy to find them on the Iternet), so you can choose the proper ones.

on 5/22/20 3:21 pm

I have never heard of FitBall? I will have to check it out! TY for the suggestion!

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