Hello - New Here

on 6/15/21 7:07 am


My name is Jack, i have struggled with my weight for many years and need some support and new appraoches to trying to get it off.

I am new to the forum and not sure how it will work, but looking forward to chatting and learning about how others are doin.


on 11/29/22 6:51 pm

Hello Jack, I'm also new here, however I have confidence you will find many new tools to help you along your weight loss journey. I am well experienced in exercise, fitness, and nutrition; and I am looking to spread tips throughout this forum in order to help others in one way or another.

Starting out your fitness journey is always the hardest part. It demands routine and consistency, no matter the individual. The first and most important first step is bursting through walls of doubt, digging down, and buying into a transformation. Whether you want a major/minor body transformation, lifestyle transformation, or both, you must be determined to remain consistent.

One tip I like to give newer people starting in fitness, I want them to know there is no do it all program. Every program works differently for others because we are all unique and all have unique motors. So do not waste time searching, unless you know you already have one that is specific to you. Secondly, 90% of your work will occur in the kitchen, not in the gym. Your diet is more important; however, exercise and diet must be cohesive. Once you find a good meal plan and exercise routine (don't burn yourself out too early), you will be on your way to plugging and playing with new foods, techniques, exercises, and routines to dial everything in. Good Luck!

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