Is boxing a good exercise for me I weigh over 500 lbs

on 4/21/22 7:12 pm

Is boxing a good exercise for me I weigh over 500 lbs

on 4/22/22 4:05 am
RNY on 02/14/18

Boxing a great exercise but you should be consulting with your medical team on what are the best exercises for you. They should be able to identify anything you should avoid initially, might know programs locally that can help you get started, etc.

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on 9/21/22 2:38 am

Yeah, good idea to check with the doctor first.

Boxing COULD be too strenuous to begin with.

You may be advised to start with walking or swimming.

on 10/21/22 4:43 am

I guess boxing is no that sport that will help you in weight loss. May be you should try running

on 11/30/22 9:09 am


Boxing is a great exercise and very good cardio! However, I would consult with your team or doctor for personal exercise periods in order to prevent mishaps. Boxing can get the best of some individuals because they tend to throw themselves into heavier workloads, which I DO NOT recommend, for beginners. I would take it step by step, especially in your condition. I would start doing smaller exercises like walking, and then progressively transition into hitting the bag. It may be a good investment if you hire a coach.

Remember weight loss is 90% in the kitchen 10% in the gym!

on 12/6/22 8:16 am

I think boxing is good exercise, but you need to start slowly. Step by step, you can lift your loads so as not to harm your body.

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