on 3/4/04 12:04 am - Lexington, KY
HERE IS A VERY DISTURBING POST: I have taken the liberty of copying a post of a WLS patient that is 42 yrs old. All I can say is that DOCTORS ARE NEW AT THIS SURGERY. WE ARE ALL EXPERIMENTS as this surgery has not been approved and is still experimental. Doctors do not know everything about this surgery. We must learn from one another as we are the rats in the lab and the world is watching us. Here it is: Well, the final diagnosis is in. I have Osteopenia, one step away from Osteoporosis. I simple slip or fall can cause a fracture or a break. This is all caused from taking the wrong type of calcium supplement for 4 years. And to make matters worse my surgeon is still telling his patients it is ok to take TUMS for their calcium. I just want to scream NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I now need to take 1500mg of calcium citrate and 800mg of vitamin D daily and that is just in hopes that I don't go into full blown Osteoporosis. My rheumatologist will do another bone density scan in 6 months to see where things stand. She suggested that ALL gastric by pass patients have a bone density scan at least 1 year out of surgery and then every year after that. Since there are no real studies on how we absorb calcium and exactly what type I cannot go after my surgeon or my primary care physician for malpractice. The legal society considers this surgery a "fad" at the moment. One attorney I spoke with said that in a couple of years, less than 5 this surgery will no longer be done because of the premiums for malpractice insurance for the surgeons. They won't be able to afford it. All I can say is please, please watch your calcium intake. Make sure you are getting what you need. I am almost 4 years out of surgery and am paying a huge price for not having the right calcium. I have lost 4" in height over the last 4 years, my fibromyalgia is back and now I have Osteopenia. Please watch your calcium and vitamin D.
Donna E.
on 2/9/05 6:26 am - Durham, NC
You know, I don't know how many times I have heard from a post-op that their surgeon told them to take Tums for their calcium supplement It's very disturbing to me that with as much is readily known about this surgery that there are surgeons still advising patients to do this!! I mean, what gives?? If *WE* know about this, then why don't the surgeons with the friggin' medical licenses to practice this surgery know that?? Outrageous! With kindest regards, Donna E. www.teklawgirl.biz
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