I have a complaint about AMOS

Shrinking W.
on 6/12/04 10:56 pm - Swedesboro, NJ
It has come to my attention that when someone types in my name on google information from AMOS comes up with links and whatever information I gave to AMOS when I originally joined listing the town I live in. I was told to change my name so that this wouldn't happen, however, when I got a digest from a group I belong to this morning my real name showed up instead of my code name. I know a lot of people are really open about their surgery but I like to keep private things private and find it really disconcerting having exposure like this. Unless AMOS is able to change their practices I will be forced to terminate all connection and have my membership permanently erased. I am totally at wits end on this. Why does the world need to know my private life, including where I live? le
on 9/16/04 1:45 pm
What exactly is AMOS?
T R.
on 11/12/04 3:03 pm
I haven't tried to pull up my name, but I will now. I don't really care who knows, but I totally understand what you mean. I hope they can do something to fix what I feel is an invasion of your privacy. I just hope that this doesn't open up the flood gates to us all to receive unwanted mailings, email, calls, etc. Good luck and take care, Tami BTW... AMOS is this Association for morbid obesity.
on 12/17/04 12:45 am - NJ
Same thing here - I'll email you.... Hugs, Nancy
on 12/17/04 1:02 am - NJ
Oops - you're not registered so I can't email you. Email me if you like and I'll give you all the sordid details!! I've taken my doctor's name out of my profile and only use my first name. Nancy
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