Marathon Training in San Francisco

Julia G.
on 1/14/05 8:06 am - Bakersfield, CA
I am so excited! I registered today to train and run a marathon. Don't know which one yet, Alaska or Honolulu or San Francisco - maybe all of them? The sky is the limit now. I was just sharing with a PO last night that I cried and i had such a hard time with this surgery, I had a fever, high blood pressure, I couldnt get up to walk after surgery because I was was awful! To top things off I had complications and spent another week in the hospital. When I first went home I was so depressed and regreted my decision. I said I would rather be fat than go through all of this. Well - 5 months later and 95 pounds gone - I am so thankful I made this change and that I am doing things like kayaking, horseback riding and now - training for a marathon - that is 26.2 miles people! I dont think this surgery is for everyone. And at the time of my complications - had i known all these things I may not have had this surgery - but just 5 months out I am living the life I have always wanted. I am still 205 lbs - I am still obese and I am still not in the best of shape. But I feel more normal now. I feel I can do anything a 120 lbs woman can do. And yes I have 85 lbs more to lose - but you know what - I am the happiest I have been in my life - and I really do owe it all to this surgery., For me - this was a life life was not quite in jeapordy - the only medical issue I had was I was 300 lbs and a bordeline blood pressure...but the quality of my life was not what i wanted it to be. And I am living my life now. 24 years late - but I'm not wasting a minute of it anymore. Thanks to you all for being supportive through my tough times. Julia Surgery 08/02/04 300/205/120
on 2/25/05 12:15 pm - Las Vegas, NV
You go girl! I'm really encouraged to hear your post. When I was last 200, I felt the same way, I hope I do again. I am planning to do a Danskins minitriathlon when I'm more in shape, and I've always wanted to do the Seattle-To-Portland bicycle trip - 7000 bicyclists are on it; many do it in one day! Fitness is one of the big reasons I want to get this surgery done with and get moving ahead. Jill AGB 2/17/98 440/lowest weight 270/regained to 435 3/10/05 surgery with Dr. Baltasar, Spain. SOON!
on 5/2/05 5:11 am - Oxford, MA
I've been jogging too, but I'm aiming small to start. I will run my first 5K in a few weeks. I've never been able to run. Because I can now, running makes me feel powerful. MaryAlice
on 5/16/05 6:11 am - Stockton, CA
Hi Julia! I'm new to this board and wow its slow! I'm surprised. Your post is quite old but I wanted to say hi and say that I heard about the marathon in Hawaii today....and am seriously thinking about it...I do interval running on the treadmill and do have to listen to my knees because I tore the miniscus in them and never had surgery to repair. I do ok. I'm thinking of doing the marathon and training in SF myself. I am in Stockton. Can you tell me more about the training part? Or better yet, i'm trying to find out the date of the marathon itself. HELP please and are you still going to do it? have you done it before etc? Thanks! Julie
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