...throwing my hat in the door...

on 2/7/05 12:47 pm
Hello all...wouldn't blame y'all for not responding as I don't come through here much -despite having this forum on my list of "interests"- yet here I am seeking some advice, so here goes it... First, men I'm curious: If you're post-op with the excess skin issue, how do you deal with it in public situations. I enjoy the entire post-work out practice of dressing and grooming after hitting the whirlpool (sometimes) and sauna (everytime). I also enjoy chilling poolside/in the pool while on vacation and I must (for mental health purposes) put in some serious beachtime EVERY summer (yup, the whole bit: chairs, umbrella, cooler, picnic basket, magazines, binoculars, towels and tanning -there is no such thing to me as being "too brown"). The women can "cover-up" with one-peice suits and such but I'm unaware of similar -and comfortable but not dorky looking- items for men. Has it been an issue? How do you deal? (for all)...also about the excess skin, what efforts can be made to minimize it as an issue (short of plastic surgery)? I thought I remember seeing something somewhere about topical applications (cocoa butter? cremes?) BTW -I saw the earlier post about "looking like a 100 yr old woman -but is the same true for men? I don't mean to sound chauvinist or sexist or anything... Secondly, also for everyone: Any suggestions for blenders (brands?, type? retailers?) I was interested a small "one-cup" type for small quantities (I live alone) Any suggestions for drink tumblers/shakers? (and where to purchase, please!) for mixing protein drinks at home and at work (the gym has a pretty good juice/drink bar and they'll make up stuff upon request). If you too prefer to stay in "lurk" mode (as I typically do) PLEASE drop me an email response. Use the "email" or go direct: [email protected] (same address as the button) Thanks in advance for your help...I hope to hear from y'all. japii
Carlene C.
on 2/16/05 5:04 pm - Alexandria, KY
Hi.. Just so you know, as for the blender problem? The small black & Decker food processor (2 cup size-- $9 or so at your local walmart) works nicely for most situations of cooking and blending for small portions. I have had mine for several years, and I wouldn't trade it. Good Luck!! CC
on 2/25/05 12:17 pm - Las Vegas, NV
The Magic Bullet is also perfect for the one serving size. HSN (home shopping network) sells it. Comes with lots of cups and such.
on 3/3/05 12:04 am - Marengo, IL
magic bullet is fantastic
Divine Lady
on 12/10/05 10:28 pm - Suburb, MI
Japii, The Magic Bullet was the best thing created!! It is sold at Walmart's and Meijers. I loved mine so much that I bought three and gave one to my sister has a gift. I make 1 cup servings of smoothies, frozen shakes and soup in it. I put in frozen vegetables, chicken broth and a soup of canned tomatoes in the single serving cup and puree it into a very tasty soup. These soups helped me to lose 17 pounds prior to my surgery.
Divine Lady
on 12/10/05 11:00 pm - Suburb, MI
Hey Japii, While you look very handsome on your before picture, when are you going to share the after pictures?
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