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on 5/2/16 10:15 pm
Topic: RE: Pix from Marathon

  You the man!!  It has been a pleasure to watch your journey.  I really have enjoyed your weekly posts on planning how to get to the 26.2 miles.  So the next question, is a mini tri in your future??

on 5/2/16 11:03 am - MA
Topic: RE: Pix from Marathon

 Thank you for the kind words. I also am inspired by your journey especially how you recently placed for your age group in a 5K. Continued health and happiness 

Yours in WLS Journey,

Bill Mac

on 5/2/16 8:57 am
RNY on 08/13/14
Topic: RE: Pix from Marathon

Congratulations, Bill!!  You've been such an inspiration to me and many others, I'm sure.  WOW!!!   You look great!

Lanie; Age: 43; Surgery Date (VSG): 8/12/14 w/complications resulting in RNY next day;

Height: 5' 6" SW: 249 Comfort Zone: 135-140 CW: 138 (10/13/17)

M1: -25 lbs M2: -12 M3: -13 M4: -7 M5: -11 M6: -10 M7: -7 M8: -7 M9: -3 M10: -8 M11: -4 M12: -4

5K PR - 24:15 (4/23/16) First 10K - 53:30 (10/18/15)

on 5/2/16 8:23 am - MA
Topic: Pix from Marathon

Yours in WLS Journey,

Bill Mac

on 5/2/16 7:57 am - MA
Topic: RE: Weekly Workouts 5.2.16


Quick  update although I am sore overall not as bad as I thought. Still it is my calves that hurt the most but was up this morning at 4:30 to go to the gym with my son. I swim in the light walk and continue to stretch. At this point cannot imagine doing another but you never know right!!!

Yours in WLS Journey,

Bill Mac

Chris "Thick-to-Fit" T.
on 5/2/16 7:40 am - FL
VSG on 05/26/16
Topic: RE: Micronized Creatine Anyone?

What are you trying to do with creatine? Just curious. I dont know about creapure or micronized creatine, but I know that creatine will help your muscles store water and give some a little more strength and appearance of bigger muscles. However, the scale will move, so thats tough on a lot of people.

I've also heard that once you stop taking it, the change in size is converted to fat. I dont know how true that is, though


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Heaviest Weight: 345 | SW: 315 | CW: 175 | GW: ~180

Sharon SW-267
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on 5/2/16 7:11 am, edited 5/2/16 12:13 am - PA
RNY on 12/22/14
Topic: RE: Exercise on 600-800 calories a day?

nuts are the best   something that does not taste like a shake   i think my body does not digest them well bc i see pieces in TMI toilet. 

Being dehydrated only a cup or two can sow up as fatigue - make sure you are suprt hydrated BEFORE exercising    When all you can do is sip sip sip it takes a long time to replenish that fluid. 

Sounds like you r doing great!!!!


on 5/2/16 6:17 am
Topic: RE: Weekly Workouts 5.2.16

Congratulations!  Give it a week and you'll be looking for the next one to do.  Hope you're not in too much pain.



Tuesday-6 mile run

Wednesday-5 mile run

Thursday-4 miles of hill repeats


Saturday-14 mile trail run

Sunday-5 mile run


VSG:  3/12/15

(deactivated member)
on 5/2/16 5:06 am
Topic: Micronized Creatine Anyone?

Any of you guys ever taken Creapure or another Micronized Creatine?  Interested in other people's experiences if so!  Thanks!

on 5/1/16 6:44 pm - MA
Topic: Weekly Workouts 5.2.16



Ran my 1st Marathon today. Still hard to wrap my mind around that...

As I crossed the finish line arms raised with my 15 year old son Evan and 14 year old daughter Abby I cried tears of joy, pride and gratitude for choosing WLS and giving me a chance for a healthier life!!!! At 350 then and 205 now this would not have been possible!!!I highly doubt I will run another....still ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE

Yours in WLS,

Bill Mac

Yours in WLS Journey,

Bill Mac

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