Fobi pouch after previous RNY

on 9/1/12 7:49 pm - Scottsville, VA
 Can the silastic ring be placed on someone after a previous RNY,,,,if so are there surgeons in Virginia who do this
on 10/16/12 9:00 pm - Concord, NC
FobiPouch on 03/15/12
Are you having a revision done? I am pretty sure that they can do this if you have to go back into surgery. My doctor (Roc Bauman) did mine and he does revisions. It is a little harder getting used to eating then from the regular RNY from what I was told. I am only 7 months out of surgery and still can only eats small portions at a time and the silastic ring helps you from gaining the weight back and from having to eventually get a revision. My doctor is wonderful and he will tell you straight up anything that you want to know without beating around the bush like a lot of doctors that I know.
on 12/5/12 2:09 am

I was searching the site for my Doctor Dr. Jean-Baptiste, and came across this Fobi pouch. what is it? and how long would you need to be out of work? I am very interested in this procedure because I had loss lots of weight and looked and felt wonderful and would like to have it done again.

on 12/7/12 5:31 am

You need to think long and hard before you get this done. I've seen several people who got the Fobi to start with who've had to have emergency revisions because of problems the silastic ring caused. Have you looked into getting revised to the DS? The DS has the very best long-term, maintained weight-loss stats, period.

on 1/25/13 9:33 am - Wilson, NC

I would love to hear about your full experience with the Fobi Pouch. I had RNY in 2003, my total weight was 296 lbs. and ended at 196 lbs. I lost my insurance, was not able to continue after care and support, had knee surgery, stopped smoking, and some man ran into me injured my back and totaled my car. Now I am up to 258 lbs. and contemplating a revision. Fobi sounds like a winner. 

on 3/8/13 11:46 am
I had one of the original Fobi Pouches 17 years ago when I was 45 years old.
Starting weight of 235lbs. (5'3"). I'm now 63, and continue to weigh between 105-115. It hasn't all been a picnic-- I'm still prone to "dump" if I eat too much food, or something that is too greasy or sugary. I have gas when I eat things that don't agree with my system-- but, in general, I think of it as my own personal weight control alarm!!
17 years ago there wasn't as much discussion about what to eat how, how much fluid to drink, or how important the supplements are -- hence,I had to learn the hard way by becoming anemic, and protein deficient. I've also had several bouts with Kidney stones which are sometimes listed as a bariatric surgery side effect.

Knowing what I know, do I think the surgery was a great decision for me? Yes, absolutely! I'd been a fat kid, and always a fat adult. I hated every aspect of being obese--and the thought of developing hereditary heart disease and diabetes was terrifying to me. The ring on the Fobi pouch is gooooood because it's there forever--- it's a constant reminder to eat small. I've seen many people who've "tricked" the ring by grazing on garbage all day and have gained most or all of their weight back-- but the majority of us *****alize its a tool we've been given to help control our weight-- we keep the weigh off. Any weight loss surgeries are only a tool-- they are not magic bullets-- everyone still needs to put heart and soul effort into it.

BTW-- my daughter also had bariatric surgery (no ring) 7 years ago-- she's had 3 babies as is doing great! She works really hard at providing a healthy eating environment for her family. She's 5'2" and keeps her weight below 125. (90 lb lost)

You can do this!!! Really you can!! With or without surgery -- you can do this!!!