Where did you meet your partner

on 1/31/12 6:41 am - Graham, NC
My hubby and I met on gay.com....almost 12 years ago!
Can you believe it? Back before smartphones and mobile web and Match.com!
Been through Hell and Highwater but Damn I love that man!
Keep a smile on your face....it makes people wonder what you are up to!
Leslie M.
on 1/31/12 9:34 am - AL

Happy for you!
Flying solo here.


Craig C.
on 1/31/12 9:17 pm - Fort Worth, TX
My Partner and I met at a party my ex was throwing. He(my partner) was interested in my ex and I came home to my ex's place(where I was still living) from a date. By the end of the night both my ex and my date were pissed and my partner and I have been inseparable for 20 years this March.
on 1/31/12 9:25 pm - Graham, NC
Leslie I cant tell if thats a happy solo or a not so happy solo....either way, thanks!
on 1/31/12 9:26 pm - Graham, NC
Craig, I love that! I can only imagine the tension in the house for a little while after that...
on 2/1/12 12:29 am - Dracut, MA
VSG on 04/06/12
 The Day I met my Husband,
I was at home getting ready for a house warming party. It was for the Conductor of the singing group I was in though college. This group were, and many still are very close friends. I was 28 and we were all still very close.
I was very excited. It had been a good couple of weeks. I graduated from nursing school, I then took my test and passed.  So I had been working on my "Temporary Licence."  I got my REAL  licence in the mail that day !! IA great start to the day !!!
The party was awesome so much fun !!!! It started around 2pm and about 8pm the director's new girlfriend came in. THE PARTY ENDED!!!!
Several of us were not ready to end. It was decided to go to the closest bar. It was a "townie gay bar. "  One of my friends had to work in the morning and was getting ready to leave early. I was walking out to her car because there had been some trouble in the parking lot with car windows smashed and some gay bashing...SOO I was walking her out....and the most beautiful man was walking in.....I smiled at him and he smiled back....I promptly started dragging my friend to her car. I was first torn if I should go back into the bar. My friend told me to go back in. I told her "OK I am going to marry that man." ....I went back in and he was at "my place at the bar." I worked A LOT during college and nursing school  !!! And would go out on Thursday night just to go out. I went home with him that night. Our first date was the next weekend. I never left !!!!!! We have been together the last 17 years.........SO THAT IS THE STORY
on 2/1/12 12:38 am - Graham, NC
WOW Sean! That brought a HUGE smile to my face!!
I remember the 1st time I saw Randy, I thought WOW HES GORGEOUS! and then he got out of the car and I was like, DAMN He's Tall! Hes 6'6!!
Keep a smile on your face....it makes people wonder what you are up to!
on 2/1/12 1:25 am
Awww, it's nice to see an internet match up that actually worked!

I met my wife when she joined my women's chorus (read 90% lesbian!) and I was instantly attracted to her! I was in a relationship at the time, but the moment I wised up and ended it- I went for her!


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on 2/1/12 1:57 am - Atlanta, GA
Such interesting stories! I met my partner of 18 years when I was out on a date with someone else. We met through a mutual friend, and by the end of the evening, I had moved my chair closer to her, and my date had moved to be closer to my friend! Funny how things work out. We split up last June, when we realized we were much better friends than partners. So now I am flying "solo" just like Leslie! Like everything else, it has its ups and downs. But I'm convinced that love will find me again one day (you too, Leslie). And, I still like hearing stories about how people meet!
on 2/1/12 2:19 am - Graham, NC
Danni I love it! Especially the wising up part, I know a few who still need to do that. And the chorus, so true! One of my friends here at work is part of the NC one, and shes in heaven lol.
Keep a smile on your face....it makes people wonder what you are up to!
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