What's your guilty lil secret?

on 2/2/12 4:56 am - Graham, NC
OK I admit it! I STILL love Chips, potatoe chips, corn chips, trail mixes, etc. All those good salty tasting foods.
I have an 8 oz bowl that I keep on my desk at work and I will fill it once or twice and enjoy it as a snack. Not the healthiest I know! But I want to maintain where I am and not really get much lower. So Im really hoping its not harmful as much as I love it.....

Whats yours??
Italian Ice?
Ice Cream?
Sugar Free Gelato?
Nutty Bars from Little Debbie?

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on 2/3/12 2:34 am - Atlanta, GA
Oh man....just about everything you mentioned I have a weakness for!  I mean, my idea of a perfect threesome the past few years has been me, Little Debbie and Sara Lee.  I try to eat trail mix to keep my blood sugar levels stable and I figure it's better than hitting the snack machine for a Snickers bar.  But, I also try to keep some canned fruit handy so I don't go overboard on high calorie nuts or dried fruit.  I will always have a sweet tooth and if I try to think in terms of "never" having guilty pleasures, then I'll want them all the time.  It is now easier to have a bite or two of something sweet/fatty/salty then let it go at that.  (By the way, I can't pass up Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls, either...)

on 2/3/12 2:53 am - Graham, NC
Thats so funny you said the Swiss Cake Rolls...I was going nuts looking for one the other day! I was so stressed out with all that had happened and Ijust got this Do or Die craving for them!
on 2/3/12 6:45 am
Corn- esp. popcorn from the theaters! YUM! Though, I can't eat too much or I get sick, and I certainly don't feel guilty about it- I love every bite!!

I don't do potatoes, rice, wheat, sugar, fried anything, or soda...so that only leaves me with Corn as my one and only "Naughty" food.

Have you tried Kale chips? They are DELISH! or what about tamari almonds, or edamame? Those are all salty, crunchy and better calorie-wise than chips and such....just a thought :)


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on 2/3/12 6:49 am - Graham, NC
Havent seen any Kale chips or the almonds..Ill have to keep an eye out for them. The edamame I have run across but not to sure about it, have you tried it?
on 2/3/12 11:02 am
Not gonna lie....I have a new love of the Hostess 100 Calorie Coffee Cakes.
Leslie M.
on 2/4/12 2:56 am - AL
I love it all.  Fortunately, I still dump and that is enough to keep my away from the naughty and nasty habits.... most of the time....except at Christmas when my mother makes homemade no bake oatmeal cookies with raisins....I will eat one.  2 makes me dump so I have learned my limit!

on 2/7/12 1:39 am
Oh if only I could have a bowl of Captain Crunch!  I tried, but nada.  Dump like crazy....which is a good thing.

My guilty food isn't so guilty...crackers and cottage cheese!  God I love the stuff.  That and peter pan honey peanut butter.  :)

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