Fruit sent me for a LOOP!

on 2/14/12 11:26 pm - Graham, NC
A couple of days ago I ate some mixed fruits brought from the grocery store. The precut and mixed up kind. Apples,pinepple,grapes, etc. Man oh Man, it really killed me! 
Anyone else have issues with foods that usually dont bother them flaring up and killing you?

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on 2/15/12 1:06 am
Yep, there are things that for whatever reason will get ya- even if you've never had a problem before! Although, you probably just had too much sugar, even though it was fruit sugar.

Hope you're feeling better!


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on 2/15/12 6:35 am - Graham, NC
Good point Danni! I didnt think about the natural sugars! Im not a big fruit eater and was trying to increase that, BABY STEPS I suppose! LOL
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