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on 3/13/12 11:08 pm - Graham, NC
HOW do you help a friend deal with losing a parent? I went through this recently but it wasnt a big surprise for us. My friend's mom has taken a bad and quick turn for the worse and she isn't expected to make it. Shes sitting here at work breaking down in tears between calls and trying to be strong. I feel so helpless!! 
I know there's nothing that can really be done to ease the pain and I've told her I am here if she needs me.
Just needed to vent it out and let it out. Shes pretty private so doesnt want the whole company knowing but I had to get it out.

Thanks for listening everyone!!
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Leslie M.
on 3/14/12 9:31 am - AL
Wow....that is sad.  I am not a touchy feely sensitive type but I guess simply letting her know you are there if she needs anything....maybe hand her your phone # and tell her to call if she needs anything....even someone to drive her to run errands, take to airport if she is flying to be with family, she doesn't have to be alone.


Barb H.
on 3/14/12 4:48 pm - Kailua-Kona, HI
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This is such a hard time for anyone to go through and for the person who isn't going through it bu****ching it, there is such a feeling of helplessness. But probably the best thing to do is what the previous poster said and just let know that you are there for her.

It's really the best thing you can do. I hope she gets through this okay and with you as her friend, I'm sure she will.
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on 3/15/12 6:44 am
Is there any way you can make things easier for her. You know people bring food over, is there any work you can pick up for her, or lunch you can bring her.

Just a little token to let her know that you are there for her, because that is all you can do- be there when she needs you.

You are a kind soul Marc, I'm sending you and her some warm happy thoughts!

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