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Hello!   There are still some of us on here but honestly this forum is so dead.  I check it maybe once a week.  I wish that more people would be in here though. Its a cool idea :)   From Ohio here  :)  Bring some life back into it!  LOL !:)

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This forum is quiet. Many forums are likewise quiet. At five years post-op, I find myself coming here less. I wonder if the growth in WLS pages on Facebook have led to this?  The only thing about that is that confidentiality is lost on FB. Soee people prefer to be anonymous when exploring or undergoing WLS. I suspect they are the ones affected the most from the smaller group participation.  Congrats on being 10 years post-op and still involved in this support network!



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I was glad to see a GLBT forum- but discouraged by the lack of activity- I check in on the VSG forum pretty much daily, but here not so much- I will try to check in more often-

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Gay Sleeved dude from NY Here smiley

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