United health care

on 11/1/12 3:50 am

Does anyone know the requirements for United health care?

on 11/5/12 7:21 am - MI

you should contact your insurance company and request this info. every insurance company is different some require a 6 month supervised diet history others only 3 and others none at all just proof your bmi has been over 40 for a certain period of time.  The only way to be sure is to contact united and ask what are the requirements.

on 11/11/12 10:20 am - TX
VSG on 01/07/13

Absolutely contact UHC. We have UHC and my husband's requirements are different than a coworkers depending upon many variables. My VDH has only needed cardio exams, nut, psych,bloodwork and the 10 day prediet.  A coworker's husband had to go on the 6 month diet. The only reason we can come up with is because he's never tried any other diets.

But, my plan will be different than yours depending upon what your company requests.

Good luck!

Thanks, Diana

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Walter Lindstrom
on 11/14/12 3:55 am - Chula Vista, CA

The UHC medical policy is changing effective 12/1/2012.  I posted a blog on my site which you should look at so that you have the most current information. 

http://wlsappeals.com/category/walters_lindstrom_obesity_adv ocacy_blog/

I think that will help you.  Good luck!

Walter Lindstrom
on 11/14/12 3:58 am - Chula Vista, CA

PS:  Tell Dr. Byrne that Walter says "hi"!  kiss

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