Ohio medicaid question for skin removal

on 6/14/20 11:05 pm - Chillicothe, OH
RNY on 07/18/08 with

I am eligible for Medicaid bc of some of the recent events. I defaulted on Buckeye but I can change.

I had RNY 7/18/08 I weighed in at 337 at my peak. 320 on surgery day. I am 12 year old eat what I want, do what I want and weigh 165ish. I actually bounce between 155-165. No bouncing since quartine.. lol

I have never had any surgery on my skin, but I been told the i can get it covered with this insurance. Anyone know anything.

I was approved for a year. (My 16 yo daughter was horrible car accident in Nov discharged from hospital end of Feb 2020, I was on fmla when they closed bc of covid. I lost all my medical everything, but we did get this so i want to take advantage of it if possible

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