Ounces, Cups, Calories??? -- OH MY!

on 5/8/11 3:04 am - NY
I have read a lot and searched and of course I know there are going to be a number of different answers to the question, but I admit to being a little confused.

When I got my packet I read it over carefully.  I knew what I had to do.  Started out with 2 oz, moved to 3 oz and at the end it said 4-6 ounces of food.  All good.  But now that is confusing me based on other things people are saying.  I see mostly the cup of food, 1/2 cup of food, not really a whole lot of ounces that people are relying on.  But has anyone seen a cup of tuna??!!  That's a whole lot of tuna, considering a can is 5 ounces.  So can you see my issues here?  Heck we haven't even talked calories although I have to say that my doc did say between 800 and 1000 worked best for his banders.  I average about 830 calories a day according to fitday.

Now I am not asking because I am overeating.  Heck at this point I can barely get in 4 ounces of protein, nevermind the vegetables and carbs? What are carbs these days anyhow?!?!

Do some people still rely on the ounces formula or is everyone about the cup measure?

Any tips to help me through this will be helpful.

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on 5/8/11 4:23 am - SoCal
 Yep, lots of info can be confusing. Sometimes I weigh, sometimes I measure. I usually weigh meats/chicken/turkey sausage, etc. Egg salad I do by the 1/2c, but I now know that 2 eggs will make 1/2c of egg salad. 

I hate tuna so that is not as issue, but I would go with ounces when measuring, not a cup. You are right...a cup of tuna would be a ton!!!

Remember, it's all a learning process.
Amy in CA 

on 5/8/11 4:24 am - TX
When I was banded and AFTER the transition back to regular food (about 2 weeks) my doctor tells us 3oz of protein and 1/2 cup of veggies.

That's about what I still eat 2 years out.

I don't do much white carbs (potatoes, rice, pasta, bread) and try to stay away from processed carbs (crackers, chips & the like).  Key word is try.  I'm not perfect.. a few saltines or ritz crackers and a few chips & salsa do get eaten sometimes.. but I try very hard not to eat them very often.

Carbs for me are mainly veggies.  And once a day I have a whole grain cracker (Dr. Kracker Pumpkin Seed & cheddar) with laughing cow cheese.  It is carby, but I eat it for breakfast before my morning workouts.  Days that I'm not going to workout, I have something like eggs or plain greek yogurt with fresh or frozen fruit (NOT the stuff with fruit or honey already added.. those have too much sugar for me and my plan. YMMV).

Hope this helps.
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on 5/8/11 4:29 am - Des Moines, IA
You will see so many different views on this board.  I weigh my 3oz of meat, always have and still do.  I have about a 1/4-1/2 cup of a non starchy veggie, or I might have a 1/4 cup of a whole grain. 

I have never counted carbs, but I don't eat bread, rice or pasta. 

Good luck on your journey,
on 5/8/11 6:29 am
I would go with whatever your Dr recommends. Mine has us eat 4 oz, by weight 3 x a day. Protein first then veggie or fruit a little good carb, now and again. My Dr doesn't worry about calories. Good luck.
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on 5/8/11 6:56 am
Like Mari stated before me, my Surgeon and NUT also say measure food by volume not scale. 4oz will fit in 1/2 a cup. I use Ziploc bowls to measure out my food. It makes it easier for me when I take my lunches to work. I know once that bowl is empty, that is it.

Everyone's physician has different guidelines, so I'd follow what you are given.

on 5/8/11 7:17 am - NY
Thanks everyone for the comments and suggestions.  I always want to be able to know what I am eating, whether I use measuring cups or scales. 

Pam,  I do the same thing with chili, measure out 1/2 a cup into the containers and freeze it.  I do it with items that are clearly easier to do it with like soups, stews, stirfrys, etc.  It's harder to do it with some other items though.

Thanks again everyone :)

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on 5/8/11 8:09 am
I weigh my protein (3oz is usually plenty for me) and I measure my veggies (1/4 to 1/2 cup is plenty)  I put a few tablespoons of starch (sweet potato, rice, pasta) on my plate.

I can cut 3 ounces of lean/solid protein into about 25 - 30 tiny bites.  If I chew carefully, I am usually bored before I can eat it all.

on 5/8/11 10:39 am
I measure everything using a food scale. I've learned measuring cups/spoons should be used for baking/liquids only. I was overeating measuring a "tablespoon" of peanut butter or "1/2 cup" of meat. You can't measure dense solids in a measuring cup. Weight is much better/accurate, IMO.

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on 5/8/11 12:27 pm
 I use my food scale to weigh out food, using oz or grams.  When I was loosing, I limited myself to 1200 calories per day and 60+ grams protein.  Can you ask your surgeon?  He/she may have the best advice :)

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