The hunger is back

on 5/13/11 10:39 am, edited 5/12/11 10:42 pm - NY
So its been 6 weeks and 4 days since my surgery and the hunger is back. It came back just like that!!! Between lunch and dinner tonight I suddenly felt it. Boy is this scary!!! I am not interested in eating junk or carby stuff, but I almost found myself reaching for more chicken ka-bobs tonight.

I go on Wednesday to my surgeon. I have not had a fill yet and I admit to being a little anxious over the process. Not scared of the needle, but afraid I am going to eat too fast, not chew enough, etc. UGH, just when I thought I had started to figure this out!

Did anyone have their hunger come back just like that, in a matter of hours???

I have to apologize to everyone for being smug. I would see posts of people who were hungry and think, wow I'm not hungry, how lucky am I? Came back to kick me in the ass!

Thanks for listening to the venting.

"Accountability first to yourself, then nobody else matters"

on 5/13/11 10:50 am - TX
I'm just about ready for another fill myself and find myself getting hungry between meals, which hasn't happened for quite a while.

Try a string cheese stick, with or without an apple.  I really like the weigh****cher's brand, and now they have a smoked cheese.  yum.

Sometimes drinking lots of water will get me through till meal time.

Hang in there, the fill will help.  Almost everyone goes through this.. and to prevent eating too fast, cut your food into small bites and don't let yourself get too hungry between meals.  :)
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on 5/13/11 11:04 am - NY
Thanks Lisa!  It helps a lot to know that I am not alone.  I know that a few more ounces of protein is not going to kill me, but it scares me that the eating will get out of control again.

Oddly though, tonight after about 3-4 ounces of chicken and a few small pieces of roasted pepper, I was full.  I had my "soft-stop" burp and I thought I was good to go.  That was just an hour ago and suddenly I am hungry again!!

I am on the second day of my period so I am praying that is contributing to the hunger. 

Thanks for the tips!  Thankfully I only have a few days to go before my fill!

"Accountability first to yourself, then nobody else matters"

on 5/13/11 1:33 pm - CA
That happened to me too but much sooner than you.  I'm 21/2 weeks post-op, and I felt hunger 2 days ago.  I was wanting something salty---not sweet (which most of the drinks are).  Today it happened again, and I ate some Asiago chips I had ordered.  It totally took away my desire for salt, and they were yummy.  They also had 10 grams of protein.:)
  One day at a time, and one meal at a time, and I WILL reach my goal!  
on 5/13/11 10:20 pm - NY
10 grams of protein and you satisfied the craving!!! Good job!!

I'm sorry you had your hunger early on like that.  But it seems like you are dealing with it.  good for you!

"Accountability first to yourself, then nobody else matters"

Janine P.
on 5/13/11 11:01 am - Long Island, NY
The lapband does absolutely nothing to suppress hunger.  Nothing.  The 6 weeks your belly was on vacation was from healing from the stress of surgery.  My point is; it's totally normal.  Hang in there!


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on 5/13/11 11:07 am - NY
Thanks Janine.  Logically I knew that.  In my fantasy world it was going to stay that way. LOL

I'm hanging in there, not going to give up!!

"Accountability first to yourself, then nobody else matters"

(deactivated member)
on 5/13/11 3:44 pm - San Diego, CA're doing AWESOME.  I have sudden extreme hunger 2 days before my TOM.  Are you close to your TOM by chance?  Girl, my hunger is off the charts for those 2 days...and I'm usually tighter those same days so it sucks that I can't eat to my heart's content.  Wait, I guess that's actually a good thing.  LMAO.  It's totally normal and mine is LEGIT hunger, not head hunger.  I feel your pain.  Hoepfully that fill will help! :)  Hugs...
on 5/13/11 10:19 pm - NY
Thanks for the hugs Lisa.  Last night I was genuinely scared of this hunger! UGH!

I got my period on Wednesday night late, so I was on the second day.  Two days before I am a royal ***** so there is no room for hunger. LOL  So my hunger apparently came two days in.  And yes it was LEGIT hunger, like growling I'm flippin' empty hunger!!  I drank 1/2 a cup of coffee last night to help and then I went to bed.

And like I said in a reply to another post, I couldn't really eat any more.  I ate my 3-4 ounces of chicken and had my soft stop burp.  But an hour later I was empty again.

Today is a new day so I'm praying yesterday doesnt repeat itself.  If it does I have the fill to look forward to just a few days away!!

"Accountability first to yourself, then nobody else matters"

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