Banded May 24th

on 5/27/11 12:20 am
So I have finally been banded! Clear a spot for me on that losers bench please!!!

I've been a bit sore the last few days, but I mean, that's to be expected from having surgery. lol! Today I'm feeling much better. I think it's because I was finally able to sleep more than 1 hour at a clip last night. But last night I slept for at least 3 or 4 hours at a time and I feel much better today!



6cc's in a 10cc band
on 5/27/11 12:36 am - NJ
Congrats!!  I was banded on May 23rd so I totally feel you on the sleep!!  Hopefully there is enough room on that bench for me as well..

How are you over all feeling?? I feel like I did about a million crunches but not unbearable... 

Wish you nothing but good luck with your new band and if you need any support I'm here with you adjusting to this new adventure

on 5/27/11 7:55 am
hi people!   Im getting banded fri 6/10 and am wondering if i should be getting the sleeeve instead.   what made u get the band rather than the sleeve?
on 5/27/11 1:39 am
I'm feeling so much better after having as much sleep as I did last night. I'm sore but not unbearable. I haven't taken any  vicodin since Tuesday. It was making me sick. And the pain wasn't bad enough to really need it. I was just hoping it would knock me out so I could sleep. But after throwing up twice, I decided it wasn't worth it. So right now I feel pretty much like I did after my c-sections. So overall, not bad at all.



6cc's in a 10cc band
on 5/27/11 8:00 am
Yay!  I hear ya on the sleep!  I was banded on the 19th.  It took me realizing it was the pain meds keeping me awake, before I got sleep.  They would knock me out for about 2 hours, then I would be up for hours.  Glad you are feeling good. 

Surgery scheduled for May 19, 2011.
My birthday is May 22, Happy Birthday to me!!!!!

on 5/31/11 4:22 am - NJ
Hello ladies!  Hope everyone is feeling good... I am doing quite well myself.  The incisions are itching like crazy and the hemotoma is clearing up so all in all feeling good.  Last night I was HUNGRY, which scared the crap out of me... so I had an sf ice pop and ignored it. I have my follow up visit on thursday, can not wait to drive!!!! This has deff been the worst part, feeling good but stuck in the house!! 

Everyone keep up the good work and keep on drinking....

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