Stupidest. Question. Ever.

on 6/12/11 11:22 am - NY
So why ask it, right?  Well, I have to because I can't find something that matches in the search function.

For the past two days I have been unable to get in any more than 600 calories.  Yesterday I hit my protein by getting in 79 gms.  I am usually good for high 90's.  Today I got in about 550 calories and only 40gms of that was protein.  I didn't start with my protein drink because it's the weekend and I decided to do food for breakfast.  That kinda screwed me up.  Now, I am just  NOT hungry.  Can it be because my band is tightening up because of the heat? Today hasn't been bad at all but yesterday was a little bit hotter.  I have even been staying away from the "what are we eating posts" because I'm embarassed!

I know, shut up about not being hungry.  But seriously, I'm concerned about not getting my protein in.  This isn't about losing weight, it's about making sure that I'm healthy!

Any pointers, tips??

Thanks in advance.

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on 6/12/11 11:50 am - Athens, GA

If your not hungry then just add protein shakes in to get your protein level up.

And as far as the band being tighter b/c of the heat, yes I have heard several bandsters mention that.


on 6/12/11 11:55 am - NY
Thanks Maria.  I can't even really drink the protein drinks when I feel like this but I will try.  Right now I did some plain greek yogurt with some blackberries and about 1/2 way through i just couldn't finish.  I hate forcing myself to eat.

"Accountability first to yourself, then nobody else matters"

on 6/12/11 12:41 pm
I seem to be getting tighter in the heat also I'm in Las Vegas. One thing that seems to work for me is to have the isopure stuff that looks like crystal light I mix it in with my Crystal light and it gives me protein. But I also have Protein powder in my Coffee once a day. Hope your able to get more of the protein in.
on 6/12/11 1:24 pm
The past few days I have been very tight and I blame it on the heat as well.  I know it's no fun but just keep with the protein shakes so you don't end up below what you need.

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on 6/12/11 3:54 pm - San Diego, CA
Hi Donna!  Yes, I find that my appetite decreases significantly in the warm weather (even when my band is not actually "tighter" per se, I just feel hot and lacking a strong appetite).  Perhaps you can try eating on more of a structured schedule with set times and everything instead of just eating when you are physically hungry.  Then you can at least have a little something at those designated times and it will add up aggregately and keep your metabolism going strong.

And please do not EVER feel ashamed to post in the daily menu thread though!  I am always willing to provide suggestions and never judge what or how often you are eating.  You know this girly!!!  xoxo

on 6/12/11 4:26 pm - TX
I don't think I'd worry about a day or even two being below your protein/calorie goals.  Our bodies are amazingly resilient.

If it becomes a daily pattern, that's the time to start looking for a way to increase.

It's probably actually good to have a day really different now and then.. keeps our bodies confused.  :)  I know they say to change it up with exercise.. why not with food intake too?
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on 6/13/11 11:02 am
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I'm so with you on this.  That was me last Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday last week, I had a hell of a time eating anything.  This week isn't too bad, I'm in PA, it not to hot today or tomorrow, but I still have issues in the morning.  Even a protein shake makes me feel "overly" full....Weirdest thing. 

I agree w/ the other posters, just try to get your protein drinks in, and unless its happening for more then a week, I wouldn't worry about it. 

Good luck w/ everything!!
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