Buh-bye Lap Band!

on 7/29/11 10:36 am
 I was scheduled for band removal on July 6th, but I injured my back after falling down subway steps. My surgery had to be re-scheduled because I had to take NSAIDS to help with the swelling and inflamation.

But I am all better and ready for the band to come out!!
on 7/29/11 10:46 am - Athens, GA

Glad your getting it out. Will u be able to revise???

Good luck!!!




on 7/29/11 11:08 am
No revision for me, at least until I heal from the horrible mess in my esophagus.
Nic M
on 7/30/11 3:23 am
Good luck to you. I really hope your esophagus heals quickly. Mine took a couple of years, honestly. But the diaphragmatic damage is the "gift that keeps on giving" in my case.

I REALLY and truly hope that you heal up quickly and feel better soon. Glad you're OK from your fall, too.

Take care.


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on 8/4/11 3:13 am

I came across your message. Did your lap-band slip? what type of damage was done to your esophagus? I'm currently having problems with my lap-band .

on 7/29/11 11:37 am
 Good luck...I am glad you are ok from falling donw the stairs... !!!
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on 7/30/11 3:11 am - Lake Odessa, MI
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I am so glad you are able to begin moving forward. Good luck. Keep us posted.


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on 7/30/11 7:30 am - NJ
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 If I remember correction, you and I where banded around the same time! Mine came out Father's Day weekend! 

Good luck getting it removed, I did really well afterwards, I hope you do too! 

Courtney - Lap band to VSG revision

Phyllis C.
on 7/30/11 7:34 am
I will be thinking of you on Monday.  Good Luck.

"Me agreeing with you doesn't preclude you from being a deviant."

Phyllis C.
on 7/30/11 7:35 am
Here's to getthing that thing out and getting back to good health and feeling better!

"Me agreeing with you doesn't preclude you from being a deviant."

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