Could this be a slip???

on 8/10/11 10:17 am
 Hi, I have a question if maybe my band is slipping. Here is a little background on me. I was Banded May 15 2010. I have a 10cc band filled with 6 ccs. I havent had many issues in the past. Two times I ate too fast and had a stuck situation. I never threw up and it only lasted maybe 10 minutes and worked its way down. With my band at 6ccs I can still eat alot of food assuming its not bread, pasta ect... I just barely started having whole wheat toast with peanut butter. I had it several times without issue but one night last week I had it before the gym I got really really stuck. It lated over 2 hours until it finally worked its way up and I still have bad memories of that night. I realize that I think it would have never happened if I would have just made a better food choice and stayed away from bread, I guess I was getting a little too comfortable. Well here is what I have recently noticed. For no apparent reason my band is tighter than its been off and on. I know that sometimes in the morning its tighter, but this is sometimes in the afternoon and sometimes in the evening. But then on other days its not tight at all. It has no ryhme or reason. I couldnt finish my cereal the other day because it was too tight, and that never happens to me. Its not my period, as well as nothing weird with the weather where I am, but in the back of my mind worried is my band about to slip. The only other idea about it could sound kinda lame, but here it is. About 2 months ago I have been working out with a personal trainer like crazy. I know my core has gotten stronger, but could that effect my band? Never really heard of that but its the only thing I could come up with. 
Thanks for your ideas Jennifer
Lisa O.
on 8/10/11 11:00 am - Snoqualmie, WA
I truly doubt it's a slip.  It sounds more like normal life with the fickle band.  Tightness can often correlate to water retention and numerous other things.  The reason most of us are tight in the morning is because when we are laying prone, (sleeping),  fluids settle in our tissue and organs.  It takes some time after we get up and move around before the fluids work their way through our systems and eventually out, thus we get looser as the day goes on.  Stress, altitude changes, and lack of hydration can also affect the band.  I've had issues with certain foods irritating my band like acidic foods, choclate, coffee, spicy foods and even popcorn.  If the esophagus, stoma or pouch become irritated from a food source it will cause swelling.  Sometimes it will go away over a few days time but in a couple of instances I've had to have unfills and take Omeprozole to calm the irritation.

If this tightness becomes constant or gets worse definately call or go see your Dr.

Take care,

Lisa O.

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Jean M.
on 8/10/11 9:26 pm
Revision on 08/16/12

I think that the toast stuck episode badly irritated your esophagus, and now it's super-sensitive. I suggest that you follow a liquid diet for at least 24 hours to allow everything in there to calm down, then eat purees for 24 hours, then soft foods for 24 hours, before you cautiously try solid food again. And as Lisa said, call your surgeon if this problem gets worse.

I seriously doubt that your workouts and increased core strength could affect your band. Abdominal exercises could affect your port, but not your band.


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on 8/11/11 4:10 am
 Thanks for the replies. I didnt really think it was  a slip but thought I would ask just in case. I guess I just need to not be so relaxed about what I eat and see how my band reacts each time I go to eat. Thanks again
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