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on 8/10/11 10:05 am
    HI, I joined OH May of 2010 and was mainly a lurker here when I was first banded. But lately I have been on here more and am looking towards Plastic Surgery and I have a couple lap band related questions and thought I would make more friends and get better response If I post a picture. I am quite computer challenged when it comes to this stuff. I barely changed my facebook picture recently. Figured that one out by accident. 
    This is how far I have gotten, maybe someone else can tell me how to fix. I use my phone, HTC Incredinble Droid to log on to OH. Then I go to change Avatar, I select one of my pictures that I took with my camera phone. I push the upload. After that I get a message that it has too many megapixles. I cant get any further than that. My facebook picture is taken also from my phone so I think that will show to many megapixels as well. Anyway hopefully it will be an easy fix, 
Thanks Jennifer
debbie H.
on 8/10/11 10:36 am - AR
Jennifer, I'm also rather challenged in this area.  One of the OH vets sent me wonderful instructions about where to go and what to do to shrink down pics.  As you can see (no pic) I was a flop at it.  I will, however, be glad to e-mail the instructions to you and see if you'll have better results.  Just go to my account and message me your e-mail address if you want the instructions.  ~Debbie~
on 8/11/11 7:44 am - Warwick, RI
google how to make a picture an avatar, that is what I did
on 8/11/11 8:06 am
This is a quick link I have copied from Bette, you could try it, good luck and keep posting.

is the place to start.

Browse and select any any photo you like from your computer, set the avatar size at "100", then hit "resize". You'll get three versions of your new avatar-sized pic. Right-click and save the one(s) you you like best (your original pic will probably be cropped to fit), then select the new avi file name when you go to the OH changing avatar page.

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on 8/12/11 9:05 am
 Finally got it thanks everyone!!!
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