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on 8/14/11 5:59 am - sterling, CO
Hi All

I need to get back on track and would like your help. Can you share what you eat during the day and what size portions?

B,L,D and snacks?

Thanks for your help.

Start weight:339 Lbs   (Sept 07, 05)
Band date/weight= Dec 13, 05/ 320 lbs
Lowest weight after surgery:  Apil-14-06-261.2 lbs


on 8/14/11 7:04 am
Hi Joe,

Lets see today for

Breakfast : a chicken breast with melted Swiss cheese and ragu spag. sauce over top off it ( 2 tablespoons of sauce ) .  I had a full cup of that . I didn't want anything else .

Lunch.    A Mission low carb soft tortilla shell and I took two stea**** cooked them up melted one slice of Swiss cheese on them ,   Used 1.5 tablespoons of light mayo , and 1/4 cup of mushrooms and made me a make shift  Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich.

Dinner    I have a small piece of chicken left like I ate at breakfast so will eat that, cottage cheese and a salad .

Snacks     Peanuts, and I was bad and had 10 twisted Cheetos lol.

This meal averages around 1100 calories, 50 carbs , and  78 protein  that is counting my snacks

I usually average around 1000 to 1400 calories per day,  I keep my carbs between 60-80 per day and protein between 60-80.

I still eat the same things I dont make special meals, I still eat my breads, rice, things like that I just eat them things every once in while now :o)   Whatever I make for the family I eat  if I make mac and cheese for the family I will either not have any or I will have a couple of tablespoons of it .

Like my doc always told me its not about giving up foods when you do this journey its eating them foods in moderation and how often to eat them foods :o)

Watch your portion control , what your sodium , watch your carbs.

I track everything that goes into my mouth no matter how bad or how good it is I track it .  I love using this site   and its even on my Iphone so  I can track when I'm not at  home.

Good luck Joe you can do this !!
another thing that was told to me when I first started was this

Moderation not Deprivation . I live by this rule 100% of the time.   I know me to well if I say I cant have this or that then that is when I will self destruct.  

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on 8/14/11 7:25 am
I am 8 weeks post op and I am allowed to eat 3 meals a day 1/2 cup each and 2 protein shakes. 
Breakfast 1/2 eggs with cheese and veggies mixed in
lunch 2 oz chicken and 1/4 cup cooked carrots
unflavored protein with crystal light
Dinner 2oz chicken with salsa and 1/4 cup green beans
protein shake with milk

I also drink 1 cup of v8 juice sometimes if I feel I need it. (as per my nut)
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on 8/14/11 7:41 am - Athens, GA

My favorite protein foods are: protein bars, protein shakes, crab cakes or crab legs, shrimp, prawn, ricottage pancakes, greek yogurt.

Linda has a lot of awesome WLS recipes on her site:


on 8/14/11 9:07 am - sterling, CO
Thanks Everyone!

Start weight:339 Lbs   (Sept 07, 05)
Band date/weight= Dec 13, 05/ 320 lbs
Lowest weight after surgery:  Apil-14-06-261.2 lbs


Jean M.
on 8/14/11 9:14 am
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You can get lots of ideas by reading the daily What Are We Eating Today? post.

I'm in maintenance (rather than weight loss) mode now, but since you're probably a lot taller than me and men need more calories than women to survive, I'll go ahead and tell you what I ate today:

B: Click vanilla latte protein shake (3 scoops of Click, 1 cup cold water, 1 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1 packet Truvia) - (I'm too tight in the morning to eat solid food, hence the protein shake)

S: iced skinny latte (my post-workout snack) - 20 oz.

S: granola bar (sometimes I have a protein bar)

L: Morningstar Chik Patty with 2 slices tomato & 2 tablespoons guacamole

S: a Babybel Light cheese thingie

D: 1 Italian sausage meatball (about 1 ounce), 1 small stuffed eggplant (about 1/4 cup of eggplant, RF cream cheese, RF cheddar cheese, parmesan cheese), about 1/4 cup of sauteed veggies (summer squash, bell pepper, tomato, snap peas, onion, garlic, & pesto sauce)

S: 4 small fresh figs


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on 8/14/11 9:18 am - NY
hi Joe,

There is a daily post on here called What Is Everyone Eating Today.  That is a good place to go to see how people are eating on a daily basis with their band.

That being said.  Measure measure measure, weigh weigh weigh and TRACK your food.  Don't put more on your plate then you are allowed to eat which should be 1/2 to 1 cup of protein and some veggies, carb, etc.  Of course what works for one person doesn't always work for another so YMMV.

I start my day with a protein shake so I get a protein kick right out the gate.  My shake has 20 grams of protein.  I usually have it in 6-8 ounces of milk, mostly 6 and that adds another 6-8 grams of protein. 

Lunch is usually something protein dense like chicken thigh or turkey chili, maybe sliced deli turkey.

Dinner is the same as above. I prefer some type of fish at dinner time.  I cannot save fish though and reheat it for another meal because it's too dry and I get that stuck feeling.

Snacks usually consist of a couple of wedges of laughing cow cheese on Grains First crackers or some type of grained flat bread, almonds (measured out not just eaten by the handful) and maybe occassionally some greek yogurt with fresh fruit.

I get the feeling you aren't new to this.  Go back to your beginnings!

Good luck!!!

"Accountability first to yourself, then nobody else matters"

on 8/14/11 10:19 am - sterling, CO
Thanks for the ideas, I will check out the other post

Start weight:339 Lbs   (Sept 07, 05)
Band date/weight= Dec 13, 05/ 320 lbs
Lowest weight after surgery:  Apil-14-06-261.2 lbs


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