What does a slip FEEL like?

Stacy T.
on 9/8/11 11:35 pm
Ok so I have had my band a relatively long time (almost 3 years).  I have not been on the board in about a year. I have not been doing what I should. I have been eating too fast, drinking while eating, eating too much. Name a rule I have broken it. I have gotten stuck on so much. Now I am terrified that I have damaged myself. This morning I wake up and feel like a peanut is in the back of my throat. No matter how much I drink this morning, I feel like there is something there. Is this what a slip feels like?  Do you feel it in the back of your throat or is it down in your chest? It feels almost like a burp stuck in the back of my throat.
I have no pain in my chest, no vomiting, no reflux. I did get stuck on chicken last night and stopped eating and it went through within 20 minutes. I ended up eating a granola bar about 2 hours later before bed and that all went down fine. Figured I would do liquids today to stay on the safe side.
[Please don't bother to flame me about what I have been doing. I know I am wrong and need to follow the rules. I have just gotten lazy. I am going to schedule an appt with the surgeon just to get looked at under fluro to make certain all is well.]

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Lisa O.
on 9/9/11 12:54 am - Snoqualmie, WA
Hi Stacy,

I can totally relate to what you're saying.  You and I are at the same point in this journey.  I'm almost 3 years out and have slacked off regarding my food choices.  I've had periods where I turn to junk because it's easier than eating slowly, chewing well, etc.  I've had unfills during times when I've had sudden tightness and was pbing regularly.  It's just not worth it and it's dangerous.

I've never had a slip, (I get an upper GI annually), but what you are experiencing  doesn't sound like a slip to me. 

You may have irritated your esophagus from the stuck experience but who knows...I think it's time you go get everything checked out.  It's not worth risking your tool. 

If you've never tried therapy I would highly recommend it.  It has helped me maintain my weight loss (within 10 pounds) by having a new outlet to address emotional eating and stress eating that plagues me even when I've struggled with following healthy band rules.  I've learned a lot and it's been really good!

Hang in there!  We're here for you if you need us but please go get things checked out.

Keep us posted.

Lisa O.

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on 9/9/11 12:57 am
You can get back on track!!! It took alot of courage to come in here and admit what you did.

I dont think you gave slip, I would think if you did nothing you would eat would stay down. Doc told me if the band slips nothing would stay down.

If you dont feel comfortable why don't you call your doc since it's Friday and talk to him to reassure yourself. That is what I would do

Good luck and stay on the forums we can help you and get you back on track
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Stacy T.
on 9/9/11 1:21 am
Thanks for the encouragement! As you can see, I am still at a great place weight wise (smaller than I have ever been!). I have been in therapy for quite some time and am not an emotional eater like I used to be. I am just lazy right now! I know it sounds terrible but its true. Im going to head out for lunch and get a nice cup of campbells tomato soup. I have a call in with the doc so I am waiting for scheduler to call me back. Im glad this doesn't sound like a slip. That truly terrifies me. In fact, being afraid of slipping is what made me so meticulous about everything. I had an almost complete unfill though while I was pregnant last year which made me get back to my old eating ways (too fast, too much). Since then I have had a hard time getting back to the "rules". Thank you ladies so much for the support. I really didn't want to post because I didn't want to get flamed but I had to because I need the support. Who would have thought that this many years out I would need it still? This just goes to show the newbies that it doesn't matter how long you have had your band, you can still **** up. :)

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on 9/9/11 2:26 am - NY

that is the question i have - about getting pregnant.  I am having my lap-band done next week. I would still like to have kids, did you gain a lot of weight back while pregnant, and was it easy to loose it again once you had the baby?  any experience would be nice

Stacy T.
on 9/9/11 3:40 am
Bean- getting the band was the best thing I could do for myself before I got pregnant. While I was pregnant, the doctor unfilled me a bit (from 8 cc down to about 6 cc) because I had severe morning sickness and even worked with my OB to prescribe me Zofran to keep the nausea at bay. Then he unfilled me down to about 4 cc halfway through my pregnancy because I was having heartburn. I only gained 42 pounds while pregnant and the last 10 came on the week before I had the baby. After I had the baby, I was back down in no time. I did most of it without even having a fill (i breastfed which burns ALOT of calories).  Overall I had NO PROBLEMS with the band during or after pregnancy. Just be proactive, listen to  your body and get your band adjusted as you think you need to. Keep your OB and WLS in the loop on how you feel and have them share notes (sign permissions for exchange of info) as necessary.

Just know that your port will become a nice object for both your baby to kick/brace itself against and for people to touch saying "oh my there is the baby's foot!" LOL

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on 9/9/11 6:08 am - NJ
VSG on 08/01/11 with
 The idea that nothing would stay down if you have a slip is dead wrong, so is the fact that you would have pain with it too. In fact after my slip I could eat MORE then before the slip b/c the herniation of your pouch over the top of the band creates a much bigger place for food to rest before it goes down making it easier to consume larger amounts of food. 

Same thing with the pain, I didn't have any until it was an emergency situation. 

If you feel like something is wrong call your doctor and ask for an upper GI, if anything it will give you peace of mind and help you to get back on track. 

Good luck. 

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on 9/9/11 9:39 am - Houston, TX
SInce this is a confession, Foregive me for I have done wrong as well!!! I think this will answer your questions about the pregnacy as well. I had my son 02/08/10 and while pregnant I had all my fluid removed at about 5 months and went on a eating spree. I gained like 60 pounds while pregnant and had a fill like 3 months after the baby was born. I only got 1/2 of a ccc and managed to loose all the weight back except 15 pounds. This is were my wrong comes in. With dealing with the baby and a 5 year old and working full time, I have tended to put my weight loss on the back burner and  gained like 10 more pounds on top of it. I eat horrible. I need a fill so bad but am shame to show my face with my DR. and have gained 10pounds so I keep saying I'm gonna loose some of the pounds before I make my appointment but I CAN"T!!! I need dedication, I need motivation...
on 9/9/11 4:36 pm - Rio Rancho, NM
VSG on 04/03/12
I agree tht your esophosgus just sounds iritated.  When I had a slip, I had days where nothing would stay down, I would even slime on water.  Then I had days where I could eat and drink like a bandster should.  I had heartburn and bad reflux and nighttime choking on reflux....but, not every night and day.  It was often enough that I knew something was wrong, and went in for an Upper GI.  Unfortunately, mine was severe enough to require a surgical fix.  

My original surgeon was a quack and never placed it correctly.  I am 1.5 years out now with my fixed band and doing well.  It would be good for you to get a check up, but for now, I would just stay on liquids until you feel better.  

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