Wait till Monday?

Deborah B.
on 9/10/11 3:21 am - Kalamazoo, MI
After nearly 4 years of no problems with my band, I had the most horrible experience of "stuck" this morning. I couldn't swallow for nearly an hour and tried everything. It was hardly a swallow of cereal that was "stuck" After pinapple juice and a hot shower, I finally threw up and could feel the food pass. However, I had quite a bit of blood with it. I think I can take it easy and wait till Monday to call my Dr about the bleeding. My husband is really concerned and said I should call today.
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on 9/10/11 3:50 am
I would call today. Let the doc decide if it can wait until Monday.
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on 9/10/11 4:18 am
I agree call- you'll probably get the answering service and they can relay a message to your doc. who can then decide on a course of action to take. Hope you feel better soon.
on 9/10/11 9:20 am
I would do liquids today and tomorrow --- if I could not keep down liquids, I would call my doctor today.

If you can swallow liquids --- I say to wait it out.

on 9/10/11 11:12 am - Vancouver, WA
Sometimes when we get stuck it scratches or irritates our throat and we get a little blood, As long as it is just a little bit and doesn't continue you're OK. Stick to the fluids and mushies for a few days to let your throat heal. If anything changes or gets worse I'd for sure call the doc, tho.
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