Had my psych eval

on 9/24/11 5:57 am - GA
well everyone I had my psych exam which is a big deal since I struggle with many mental illness I won;t know anything till Friday at the earliest so ya'll be prayin and send good thoughts my way please.

Love ya'll
Shelley Belley
on 9/24/11 6:16 am
Try not to worry. I have bipolar and was totally upfront during the psyc. eval. She told me she wasn't there to deny surgery, just to help the team get to know me better. If you are stable, I'm sure you will move on to the next phase. Keep us posted.
on 9/24/11 6:57 am - Ronkonkoma, NY
please try not to worry  I have bi-polar, depression and anxiety and I had no problems with approval.

on 9/24/11 9:38 am - GA
Thank ya'll I hope thats the case with me!
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