Stuck, stuck, stuck...BUT!!!

on 10/12/11 2:48 am - NY
You know, it's funny.  I am stuck and have been for about 4 weeks.  Yeah, I know that's not a stall and I know that working out more and drinking more water is necessary for me.  Food intake is fine, no problems there, but I know there are ways that I can tweak this to get those numbers moving.


I do not remember a time when I could step on a scale for 4 weeks in a row and see the same number!  I do not think I stayed at any weight longer than a hot second before WLS.  So while the stall is frustrating, I am thankful to see that same number for a period of time.

Small victories! 

"Accountability first to yourself, then nobody else matters"

Bubble S.
on 10/12/11 4:19 am
Yeah !! good for you.  That is why I love my band.  Pre band if the scale did not move after a couple of weeks of hard work I would go into a eating frenzy ( thinking what the hell the diet is not working) and I would end up heavier than my start weight.

When was your last fill? 

With me I went in for a fill every 15 - 20lbs lost.  It got my mind back in the game and the weight started to come off again.

You might just need a small tweak. 

Just remember calories in calories out - you need to keep moving

 Remember, if you want to be a 155 pound person, you have to EAT like one. 
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on 10/12/11 4:24 am - NY
Hi Denise,

Well I haven't had a fill yet.  I'm struggling with the idea of needing one. I get full pretty quickly, I don't get hungry between meals and I am satisfied with what I am eating.  I eat 80-100 gms of protein a day and keep fats and carbs low.  Yet I have seen people say a small fill has re-started the scale.  But I'm just confused as to whether or not it's a good idea to get  a fill if I'm not getting hungry and stuff, you know?

And oh yes, the exercise definitely. I responded to another poster before who said that she gets 7 days of some exercise.  As I said in her post, I always felt like if I wasn't going to the gym and working on a machine or lifting weights, nothing else would count!  I have to change my thoughts on that and realize that any moving is better than no moving!

"Accountability first to yourself, then nobody else matters"

on 10/12/11 5:58 am
Hi There:
I think the gym is main reason I have lost 70+ .  My fitness level and exercise really kept things moving.  I am back to doing some serious walking on the days I don't hit the weights and machines.  Muscle burns calories faster than anything else.  Good luck.  I have been a bit stalled too but it is because I put some not ideal stuff back in my food plan.  Got a fill and now have restriction for really the first time after the initial swelling.  A good reminder for me to not let the carbs creep back in---they make the band feel awful and I feel uncomfortable.  Good luck!

Lisa O.
on 10/13/11 2:00 am - Snoqualmie, WA
I think 4 weeks qualifies as a plateau and 7 months post is when I experienced my first real plateau. 

As far as determining when you need a fill?  Here are the questions my surgeon uses:

1.  Are you hungry between meals?  No
2.  Has your weight loss stalled?  Yes
3.  Can you eat more than one cup of solid food per sitting?  ??

If you answer yes to 2 or more you may benefit from a small tweak of .25 but your correct not to rush the fills.  You'll have plenty of time for that down the road and your results are great! 

Lisa O.

Lap Band surgery Nov. 2008, SW 335. Lost 116 lbs.  LB removal May 2013 gained 53 lbs. Revisied to RNY October 14, 2013, new SW 275.



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