I know you aren't doctors...but...

on 10/13/11 9:56 am - NY
I am having a sudden weird pain beneath my breast bone, near my sternum.  My port is to the right of my stomach up about 8 inches below the bottom of my breast.  Shoot, this is hard to describe.

Anyhow, suddenly I have this extreme soreness and some weird chest pain under my right breast.  It's sore like somebody punched me.  I haven't eaten anything but an apple in the past 2 hours.  I guess it could be gas, but if so it's not like any other gas I've ever felt.  It's also in my right back area.  Yeah, I know, not a lot of help.

I'm actually, ironically, working at my second job in the ER of our local hospital.  Just wondering if I am getting too excited too fast and should just try to wait this out.

I have no fills and have had zero complications with my band so far.  The port is very prominent so I feel it and it doesnt' feel like it's changed, but it appears that the area around it is a bit harder.

Any guesses before I register to be treated?



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on 10/13/11 10:29 am
on 10/13/11 10:39 am - NY
Awesome guess!!! But had that removed almost 20 years ago. 

The pain has subsided a little bit, dull ache with shooting pains in my back still. UGH

My shift is over at 10, I'll see how I feel then.

"Accountability first to yourself, then nobody else matters"

on 10/14/11 1:49 am
I have heard of stones coming back but into the path to the Gallbladder since the gallbladder is gone.
It happened to a friend..
on 10/14/11 3:36 am - AZ
it's not a gall stone 20 years later

sounds diaphragmatic (like a hiatal hernia)
u need an upper GI and an US if it persists
have you tried some mylanta?
on 10/14/11 9:58 am - NY

It went away after about 20 minutes.  Then later on that night I was woken with a sharp pain in my left abdominal area.  That pain was even worse.  I'm like, what the heck is going on??

Today I am fine.  But I am going to make two appointments, one with my ob/gyn and the other with my wls surgeon!

Thanks for the heads up.  Wasn't thining hiatal hernia.  And no mylanta because it didn't persist.

"Accountability first to yourself, then nobody else matters"

Nic M
on 11/16/11 11:25 pm
I have a hiatal hernia and the pain you've described sounds like what I experience quite often.

The pain in the left side is more likely to be from your stomach. BUT, when you have a hiatal hernia and a band, your gut can become inflamed and swollen, causing a lot of different areas to hurt. And the hiatal hernia can also allow part of your stomach to sneak in the gap in your diaphragm, causing pressure feelings on your throat.

I'm thinking you should see your doc about it and see if that's what's going on, Donnamarie. I take Dexilant every day and it helps somewhat.


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