vomiting after adjustment today

on 11/1/11 12:45 pm - San Carlos, CA
I had a 'tight' adjustment today and am having difficulties including vomiting. I have not tried to eat I am so tight and had very little water. What worries me are  the 'coffee grinds' in what is coming up along with a lot of foam. Coffee grinds (not real ones but the appearance of them) is a sign of bleeding internally. I had none of this kind of vomiting before the adjustment. Why now? I had not had an adjustment in a long while perhaps 3 or 4 months. A few weeks back I had a period of really strong vomiting so my surgeon did a barium test to check for slippage and had my gall bladder checked-- all was well. I only had the fill today to speed up the last 10 lbs or so of weight loss. I will see my surgeon tomorrow for 'unfill'.  A visit to the ER costs $500 co-pay and I hate to bother my surgeon this late. Any wisdom on the board?
Bette B.
on 11/1/11 12:48 pm
 If you are really bad off, please do BOTHER your doctor. That's what he's there for. Call him (or his service) now.

You probably need a little of that fill taken out. CALL HIM NOW!


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Nic M
on 11/1/11 2:02 pm
Get unfilled immediately, please! 

The "coffee grounds" you're throwing up is probably due to your esophagus bleeding. If left as is, you're at risk of developing major esophageal issues.

I'm thinking that you will probably be OK to wait until tomorrow for the unfill unless you keep throwing up this evening. And if your appointment is fairly early in the day.

Take care. I hope you get fixed up and feel better.


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(deactivated member)
on 11/1/11 11:11 pm
Um.... get a partial unfill ASAP. I just went through something like this last week, but not quite so bad -- no "coffee grounds". It was horrible!
Even just a little bit out can help you feel so much better and stop the vomiting. Even if your doctor takes out all of the fluid he put in at your last adjustment, you can still go back once you are better and have a smidgeon put back in so you don't get too tight.

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