Thinking of making a change.....

Lori S.
on 2/6/12 8:28 am - MI
  For purely health reasons I am thinking of going vegetarian.  My question:  since a lot of the recipes I've looked at brown rice, lentils and beans are a main stay, besides fruits and  vegetables of course.  I can eat rice especially brown rice I just can't eat much of it.  I've sort of avoided it though because I remember reading on the main lapband board when I was very new, that someone ate rice and noodles a lot like every day and then ended up with a slip.  Not sure how or why.  Maybe they over ate or something.  Anyway, are there any vegetarians or vegan bandsters out there and do you have any issues with those types of foods?  


Lisa O.
on 2/7/12 3:59 am - Snoqualmie, WA
Protein is critical to a bandster's diet.  Think about how you will get 60-80 g of protein each day if you are a vegetarian.  Also, if you are at all carb sensitive a vegetarian diet is probably not the answer.  Are you planning to go all the way and eliminate eggs and fish as well as meats?  That leaves you very few sources for solid protein.  Tofu,...what else can make up the 60-80 grams needed.  Maybe start by giving up red meat and see how you do.  If your decision isn't based on ethical reason's, you can still eat healthily by giving up red meats and egg yolks, etc.

I don't have much luck with rice or noodles at all and most veggies don't work very well either.  That leaves legumes, (beans), cheese (high in fat) and some other protein sources form dairy.  I would never make it as a vegetarian!

Best of luck to you!

Lisa O.

Lap Band surgery Nov. 2008, SW 335. Lost 116 lbs.  LB removal May 2013 gained 53 lbs. Revisied to RNY October 14, 2013, new SW 275.



Lori S.
on 2/7/12 7:19 am - MI
 According to my Nut I need to get in 55 grams of protein a day and I have no problems getting that in  nor am I worried about protein.  Protein is pretty easy even if I decided to go completely vegan, which I am not.  I don't think I can give up my milk completely.  After a recent slight unfill, .2cc , I feel like I can eat most foods much much easier.    This decision to go vegetarian is purely for health reasons, a very recent diagnosis of colon cancer in my Mom and my Dad, not to be out done,  suffered 4 heart attacks.  I myself was recently diagnosed with high cholestrol.  So I can see the writing on the wall.  I do not want to just wait for disease to strike, I want to do something now.   So far it's going pretty good, I can't call myself a vegetarian but I am getting there.  Thanks for your response.


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