Tummy Tuck compression garment

on 2/11/12 2:41 am
       Hi, I have a question for lap band vetrans that have had a tummy tuck. I am scheduled for one next week (YAY) among other surgeries and had a question about the compression garment we wear after. For me, I would say my band is on the looser side. I could eat as much as the person sitting next to me, as long as its not to bready or to starchy. But I do still get stuck every once in a while. It just really out of the blue, here and there. I figured out that some of the main reasons I have issues are when I eat to fast, or early mornings give me problems, and lastly the big one when my jeans or pants are too tight, Dont get me wrong I am not wearing tight pants, I guess just the pressure of the waist on my band seems to make a difference. (Its not all the time, but does happen alot) I sometimes have to unzip my pants when I go to resteraunts. :) Anyway, has anyone had a problem with the garment causing too much restriction after your surgery? I know at first I might have to take it slow, and my plan is to focus on protien shakes anyway. But just curious what you guys think for long term wearing the garment.

Thanks Jennifer

on 2/11/12 7:56 am - NY
Hi Jennifer,
This is a really good question because the binder you wear after TT is very tight, it has to be to keep down the swelling.  I would say I wore my binder for almost 3 months and then when I was feeling bloated or swollen, which can happen for the better part of the year, I would wear it again.  It did wonders to help the swelling.  Note that I did not have the band at the time of my TT.

Ask your lapband surgeon what they think.  I'd hate to see you being overly uncomfortable for such a long period of time

And, BTW, Good Luck!!!!!


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Lori R.
on 2/11/12 8:46 am - Manhattan, KS
I just underwent a circumferential abdomialplasty 4 weeks ago and my compression garment didn't really bother me too much.  I"m not very tight in my band, but I also have issues every so often if I eat too fast or too much.  The only issue I would be careful of is at night and not eating too late because of the compression, you might have some reflux. 

Good luck with your surgery.  You're going to love what you look like after!!!
Kim S.
on 2/13/12 8:44 pm - North of Boston, MA
I haven't had fill in awhile and my band is at a comfortable fill level. Post-TT, my band felt tight due to the swelling from the surgery so I was careful to eat slowly, chew well and did mostly mushies, etc. for the first week. The compression garment didn't affect my lapband at all. I wore it 24/7 except to shower for the first week or two (it's a good idea to have two so one can be in the wash) and then wore it during daytime for the next couple of months. The compression is much more uniform so it is not like the tight wasitband on a pair of pants that just restricts one area.
on 2/14/12 12:20 am
     Thanks for the responses. I will expect restriction in the beginning, and I am good with that. But hopefully when the swelling gets better I will also have more normal restriction. I guess I just wanted heads up what to expect. Thanks

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