Gastro Appointment Today

Stacy T.
on 3/8/12 9:40 pm, edited 3/8/12 9:42 pm
Today I am having an appointment with my gastroenterologist to discuss upcoming procedures I would like to have done.

A bit of history...I've had a gastro since before WLS because I had been on Nexium for 10 years and never scoped so when I moved and got a new PCP she wanted me scoped immediately. I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia but other than that, I was good. I was relieved because my grandmother died of esophageal cancer (she had reflux her whole life) and I was afraid the stomach cells could be starting my esophagus from the reflux for so long (baird's esophagus).

When my band was placed in 2008, my surgeon not only placed the band but repaired the hiatal hernia. He said it was so big he could have fit a grapefruit through it and couldn't believe I didn't cough and regurgitate my food. Since then, no acid reflux, no Nexium. Lovin' life! When my dad was diagnosed with Stage 3 colorectal cancer a few months later, I got a colonoscopy and had 2 polyps removed (at 27!). So I am due to get checked on that too (my insurance covers colonoscopy every 5 years since i have family history).

Today's visit is to find out what I need to do to prep my band for an endoscope. I want the gastro to take a look at my esophagus and see how it is doing since I had my Realize band put in back in 2008. I am concerned about it, being fully aware of the problems having a band can cause. I have a fill appt scheduled with my WLS for next week (flouro) to check my band, pouch and do whatever I need to prep for an endoscope.

I am nervous about all of this because I know I haven't been following the rules and while I am maintaining and not having problems, there are many times I feel like food backs up in my throat or if something is stuck, I no longer feel my esophagus pushing with all its might. IF something comes up wrong and I need to have my band taken out, then so be it. I will look at it as my own fault because I know I messed up at times.

Have you been scoped since you had a band placed? Do you typically have to be unfilled for this?

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Dev *.
on 3/8/12 11:02 pm - Austin, TX
I was scoped once, and they did unfill me, but put it back in a couple of days later!

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on 3/9/12 7:54 am - Vancouver, WA
Well I haven't been scoped but want to wish you the best of luck with it and hope everything comes out good or at least easily fixed!
Nic M
on 3/9/12 8:36 am

I have a hiatal hernia right now that was caused by the lapband... and it's awful. Part of my stomach frequently comes up through the hiatus and presses against my lungs and heart. It's really a terrible thing to have. I'm glad you got yours fixed. I'm pretty sure that's the next step for me, too.

I think it's better to have the band unfilled if you need to be scoped. I would think it would make it less likely to cause damage if the stoma was wide open.

I know that I have esophageal issues and am concerned about Barrett's esophagus myself. I wonder how much damage the reflux is causing to my esophagus all the time. I take Dexilant daily and it helps at least a little.


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