Im getting my Protein now but notice weight gain

L B.
on 4/27/12 11:20 pm
Long story short ....... I recently had protein deficiency.. Did better at getting the minimum amt needed- without eating no more than I used to...& I'm pretty sure it's made me gain weight!!!.... Not muscle I know .. Just weight period. Anybody else notice this? 
on 4/28/12 1:13 am - Orange Park, FL
Lap Band on 01/30/12
If you are drinking your protein I would be careful because they are not without calories. I have been trying to stick with chicken and fish. Make sure you are logging your intake and exercise so you can really see what is going on.

Bo Meso
on 4/28/12 2:20 am
 I have the same goal as you. I started at 266 and want to make it to 150. Good luck in your journey!
L B.
on 4/29/12 12:37 am
 Isn't that too cool!! My dr says I should just loose 15 more pounds than consider loosening my band.. Which isn't as low as the goal I set .. So I don't think so.. EVER! Lo
on 4/28/12 3:07 am - Lake Odessa, MI
Revision on 08/21/12
Get your protein from real food but use shakes if you haven't gotten it all in for a day. Pound protein in the morning and always plan your protein intake for the day first thing. That allows you to be sure to get enough in and then plan the rest of your eating accordingly. I would also reccommend you choose only good carbs. You MUST be getting your fluids in. Nutrition comes first, then if you move more than the calories you take in you will lose weight. Sometimes it takes a while for the scale to move and that is hard to take but keep up with what you know is right and it will happen. Also, I tend to lose inches before the scale will move.

If you have a real stall many people find that either or both of these things help (if you are honest about what you are eating); Change out your exercise, for example changing from cardio to strength training or something similar, for a couple of weeks or so. The other thing is that if you have been keeping your calories low adding around 250 a day for a couple of weeks will also help to break the stall. That one was verified by my nutritionist.

Good luck to you,


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L B.
on 4/29/12 12:38 am
 Thanks you for the advise .. It really got me too thinking! Always good to have someone see something you dont
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