constipation due to pain killers and not being able to eat

on 9/19/12 1:10 pm - San Carlos, CA
Oh heavens, I can't believe I am writing this. I am nearly 2 yrs out with a BoB (band over bypass) and it has been a great success. Due to pain issues unrelated to my surgery I have been on Dilaudid for that pain and it has constipated me something awful. To be honest I don't think I would have realized it but right now, I am unable to eat. Has anyone else had this feelign when severally constitpated? So full nothing can seem to go in? I don't think I have ever experienced this before. I am spending the evening working at home to 'handle the situation' if you will. But this weird feeling of fullness has thrown me. Thanks in advance for advice and wisdom.
on 9/19/12 1:20 pm - Vancouver, WA
Oh you have my sympathy! I was on morphine for pain for years and I know constipation! First I'd sugest some Milk of Magnesia to get things rolling and then find a good fiber supplement. I found a tasty little gunny fiber tablet at Safeway (Vons I think where you are) and Walgreens also has one. I took them 3x a day and that kept me very normal for all those years. Good luck it is a rough thing to go thru!
Lisa O.
on 9/19/12 2:36 pm - Snoqualmie, WA
Waste no time.  Take 2 doses of Milk of Magnesia.  I was once so severely blocked I thought I would have to go to the hospital but the MOM kicked in after the 2nd dose and saved me the trip and the money. 

Anytime you are are pain meds drink lots and lots of water! 

Feel better soon!

Lisa O.

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on 9/19/12 5:33 pm - Orange Park, FL
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You can also try Senokot. Take two and everything will come out in less then 8 hours. Once everything has moved out, get on a fiber supplement and stool softner. I mix the Target or Walmart clear powder with whatever I am drinking.

The Senokot is a little expensive, but all natural. I hope you feel better soon.

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on 9/19/12 7:04 pm - Wiesbaden, Germany
DS on 10/08/13

Once you get going with Milk of Magnesia or magnesium citrate, consider a daily dose of Miralax as long as you are on pain meds.

When I had revision surgery, I brought Miralax with me in case my pain meds had codeine in them.  The pain meds did, in fact, have codeine in them but I didn't actually need them.  Or the Miralax.  (Codeine constipates me.)

Feel better.

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