What are you eating today (Thursday) or yesterday?

on 11/29/12 12:24 am, edited 11/29/12 12:24 am - Hartford, CT

Where oh where is Jean? Nothing serious I hope. =(

B: Ricotta cheese pancakes with leftover blueberry pancake sauce (cuz it was that good), milk

S: cheese and crackers

L: leftover chicken salad from yesterday over romaine lettuce, milk

S: yogurt

D: leftover homemade chili, milk

S: hot chocolate and fluff


Apparently it's a leftovers day for me. :) The recipes that have been coming from my pregnancy nutrition book are fabulous though. That chicken salad was divine, and I admit I would not normally have considered tossing in jarred red pepper or dill, but it made it taste really yummy.

Exercise: I'm determined to have a love/hate relationship with my treadmill this week. I had to visit the doc today to get an adjustment on my CPAP and it was scheduled directly in the middle of my water class. Bleh. So I'm back on the treadmill again to get my minutes in. I wish we had our own place with an in-ground/indoor pool that I could use all year round. xD

Kitty C
on 11/29/12 2:42 am

B-Fage yogurt w/ walnuts

S-Homemade oatmeal protein "cookie"

L-Tuna, veggie soup

S-Protein shake

D-Pecan crusted catfish, chopped collard greens, glazed carrots

S-Assorted nuts

on 11/29/12 3:07 am - Hartford, CT

mmm! is the pecan crusted catfish made from scratch? that sounds yummy :)

Kitty C
on 11/29/12 3:38 am, edited 11/29/12 3:39 am

It was from a restaurant that has a take out section.  I had catfish at home but was running late and by the time I would have had dinner on the table I would have been too hungry, ate too fast, too much, not chewed properly, etc. and then we all knows what could happen next.  I tolerate fish very well so I eat a lot of it.  I have yet to find a recipe for pecan crusted catfish that has a wow factor.  Any suggestions?

Edited to add:  Water through out the day.

on 11/29/12 4:06 am - Lake Odessa, MI
Revision on 08/21/12

We miss our Jean! I think I have found the balance I need between super low cal because I can eat such small amounts therefore losing weight I can't afford to lose, now, and eating junk for the calories. I pm'd someone on the vsg boards and she had many good tips with all healthy foods. I need to be at 1000-1200 cal per day, minimum so far it has helped.

B. Protein cappuccino

S. Atkins protein bar

L. Chili

S. Cheese

S. Shake\

D. Veggie lasagna

S. Almonds and Craisins

At this point I double check my online food log and if I am short on calories I compensate.


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