Vicki update

on 12/29/13 3:48 am - Vancouver, WA

I was just checking Vicki's FB page and it seems the doctors have done all they can and the family has decided to stop medical intervention and let nature take its course. She is not improving and in fact getting worse so they are making her comfortable and saying their goodbyes. She has a very loving Christian family so they will be OK in the long run but this is going to be difficult for even those of us who never actually met her. Please pray for her and her family during this difficult time.

Kate -True Brit
on 12/29/13 4:42 am - UK

Awful news. And I think you said her husband also has serious medical problems. My heart goes out to the family.

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on 12/29/13 4:50 am - Vancouver, WA

Yes he does and could also use prayer. He is diabetic, receiving kidney dialysis and recently had a leg amputated at the knee. In fact wanting to see him was one reason she kept putting off going to the doctor with her problem. She thought she had the flu and was going to wait it out so she could see him.

Kate -True Brit
on 12/29/13 4:51 am - UK

So the poor man is now, incorrectly, going to feel guilty as well  

Highest 290, Banded - 248   Lowest 139 (too thin!). Comfort zone 155-165.

Happily banded since May 2006.  Regain of 28lbs 2013-14.  ALL GONE!

But some has returned! Up to 175, argh! Off we go again,


Mo Diggity
on 12/29/13 10:32 am, edited 12/29/13 8:52 pm - poughkeepsie, NY
RNY on 07/03/13

I don't know the history of Vicki (I mainly stay on the RNY page) ~ But I just came across this & wanted to say how sorry I was.....  Prayers to her and her family

Maureen Tired of Living my Life in the Dark

on 12/29/13 12:43 pm

Prayers for Vicki and her family!

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on 12/29/13 1:58 pm
VSG on 03/25/16

I am really sad to hear this, I will keep Vicki and her family in my prayers

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Vivian Prouty
on 12/29/13 9:21 pm - Fort Worth, TX

How very sad.   I was hoping to read something positive about Vicki as we did a while back about Lisa.    Praying for this poor family now and that God will wrap his loving, comforting arms around them all and give them peace.    Praying also for peace for all of us here on OH who may not have met Vicki or Lisa but their journey to health has touched our lives.   Praying for any pain that Vicki is having to subside and for her to have a peaceful journey home to heaven.    Thank You for being so faithful in updating us on both these precious ladies journeys.   God bless you !!!


Hugs and blessings ~~~ Vivian

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on 12/29/13 9:49 pm

I will keep Vicky and her family in my thoughts and prayers ... wishing them strength as they go through this very difficult time .. I am praying for the family and friends and for Vicky who has given it her best fight yet ... Thank you HisLady for keeping us updated.  This is so very sad.

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Dev *.
on 1/8/14 3:31 am - Austin, TX

I just caught up on everything happening with Vicki and Lisa. I'm so sorry to hear this! Vicki was such a sweet and helpful person! I'm so glad to hear that Lisa seems to be improving though!


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