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on 1/12/14 11:04 am

I was banded back in oct 2009. i initially lost 80 pounds (YAY!) then i got off track for a while and maintained my weight. No matter how hard i tried though when i would get back on track i could not lose more weight. then i moved and couldn't find a new surgeon. i got pregnant last year and the band was preventing me from taking in enough nutrients for my daughter so i was unfilled. since then i was 280ish and now im 325, had my first fill a few weeks ago and going back in tuesday. I feel as though i have seriously lost my way of life when it comes to eating, i am also breastfeeding but my daughter will be one later this month so its not as significant as it was. I am curious about any advice on foods to get back on track. i used to only have to cook for myself and my daughter who at the time was only 2 and didn't each much, she is now 6 and i have another daughter and boyfriend so just buying for myself and 1 child has created a whole new world of issues for me. any advice would be greatly appreciated. maybe some food ideas and such. 


Thanks a bunch!


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Kate -True Brit
on 1/12/14 5:21 pm - UK

So hard to get back on track. Is your band as it should be in terms of fill? That could be your starting  point, I see you are working on that.

my suggestion would be simply to go right back to basics.  Planned meals, starting always with dense protein. Remember what you did when you were losing. We are all a bit different in what works for us, maybe low carb or even almost no carb, may be just measured portions, maybe no snacks, maybe two snacks. Something you did at first worked, go back to that. 

You have two young children in a world which is getting ever fatter. This is a very good reason for making the whole family eat healthily. Habits learned when young last. The children don't need sugary things except as occasional treats, they don't need stodgy fillers etc.. This is time to teach them while helping yourself. 

Sorry, does that sound preachy? It is just my way of trying to add another motivator for you. Get yourself fit and healthy and at the same time save them from a lifetime struggle. 

Good luck!

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on 1/13/14 12:08 am

Very Very well said!

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I was banded in 2007 and this past summer I was within 3lbs. of my starting weight of 273.  In October, I did the 5-Day pouch test for the first itme.  I've read about it on this website and never tried it.  It was amazing for me.  It first of all got me past my constant craving for sugar and my band actually feels like it is working again.  I have lost 22 lbs.  I needed to get back on track and stay on as I was just blessed with my first grandchild and I want to be able to have fun with her as she gets older and I'm having my 2nd knee replacement next month and needed to get my BMI down.

Try the 5-Day Pouch Test. It seems to be a great tool.   It really has been a new beginning for me.

Good Luck!


Bette B.
on 1/13/14 1:39 am

There are many, many people - who have bands and other WLS - who have had a baby after their surgery. I would suggest reposting this here and on the main forum with a new title that's something like "Getting Back on Track After Baby."


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Dev *.
on 1/14/14 3:56 am - Austin, TX

First, don't beat yourself up. Asking someone to maintain weight loss while unfilled it just about impossible. That said, you kind of have to start over now and go back to basics. That means PLANNING your food, weighing and measuring. I know how hard it is to cook for yourself AND for toddlers at the same time! As for your boyfriend, he needs to just accept the healthy foods you're eating and join you in it. Try to find a few go-to recipes that work for you, and then modify or substitute a little for the kids as needed. I keep a few things on hand for my kids, like some vegetarian chicken fingers that they have decided they like , and macaroni and cheese with minced cauliflower snuck into it, so I can sub those for things I'm eating. I'm having mahi mahi and broccoli for dinner - I sub some chicken tenders for the fish and pour a little cheese sauce on their broccoli. My husband wants mashed potatos with the steak? Sure, I just puree cauliflower and sub that for about 50% of the potatoes - everyone eats healthier. Spaghetti? OK, I make the sauce VERY meaty and skip the noodles. Try to find the substitutions that work for your family.


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