My dreams come true!

on 2/14/14 12:07 pm - Vancouver, WA

The band is going away hooray! I ended up in the hospital Mon. with chest pains and a rapid heart beat. Turns out I have some heart issues and also the food keeps feeling like it is backing up in my throat. So hubby said the band's gotta go even if we have to pay for it but hoping insurance will cover at least part of the removal cost or we'll pay as we can.

My only fears are my lungs are pretty bad so I'm using a spirometer to build them up as much as I can before surgery. So say a prayer for me and whoop whoop the band is dead!


on 2/14/14 1:57 pm - Chicago, IL

Sincere good thoughts coming your way.




Kate -True Brit
on 2/14/14 4:05 pm - UK

Enormous e hug!

Highest 290, Banded - 248   Lowest 139 (too thin!). Comfort zone 155-165.

Happily banded since May 2006.  Regain of 28lbs 2013-14.  ALL GONE!

But some has returned! Up to 175, argh! Off we go again,


on 2/14/14 11:46 pm

I am so happy for you!!!!!  I wish you the best!


Band removed and feeling alive with energy!

Bette B.
on 2/15/14 5:26 am

Aw, hugs and best wishes for you, honey. Enough is enough for you and your band. It's time for you two to break up.


Banded 10 years & maintaining my weight loss!! Any questions, message me.

Stephanie M.
on 2/15/14 6:10 am

Congrats Karen!!! The food backing up does cause cardiac problems...I'm on a new medication to try to control my heart rhythm, even with the band gone.  The electro physiologist says that if the scar tissue and damage from my band are causing it, catheterization is useless.  Let's hope this resolves your issues.  Be strong friend!!!


  6-7-13 band removed. No revision. Facebook  Failed Lapbands and Realize Bands group and WLS-Support for Regain and Revision Group


on 2/15/14 8:55 am, edited 2/15/14 8:56 am - Vancouver, WA

Thanks Steph I was wondering if they were related. I think this has been going on since last summer but didn't realize what it was, thought I pulled a muscle in my gut. Now I realize it was the beginning of band problems. I just pray this solves it cause I can't imagine living with the backed up throat feeling the rest of my life, it's horrid!


on 2/15/14 3:24 pm - Spring, TX

Good luck to you!!

Stephanie M.
on 2/18/14 2:10 am

Update:  Karens surgery went well yesterday, she's off the vent.  She is expected to move out of ICU today! 


  6-7-13 band removed. No revision. Facebook  Failed Lapbands and Realize Bands group and WLS-Support for Regain and Revision Group


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