Too optimistic

on 2/22/14 2:48 am - Vancouver, WA

Ok I guess I was to optimistic about the pain being gone from my gut. Some of it is refered pain from a back injury that is still healing but I'm afraid part of it is here to stay from band damage. Also while I can swallow a tiny bit easier it is still difficult. Maybe I need to give it more time but I would think the swelling should be getting better.

All I can say is if your band is giving you the least bit of trouble get it out NOW. Don't wait for insurance OK don't wait for anything, get it out as soon as possible. Having a damaged stomach isn't worth the wait. I kept putting things off hoping to wait for medicare to kick in and cover it but I should have just gotten it out and worry about the money later. I swear the band was the biggest mistake in my life and I've made some doozies but this was by far the worst!!!

on 2/22/14 3:54 am - York Haven, PA
VSG on 12/02/14

Hope you feel better soon. I go to the surgeon Monday at 9;15 to talk revision? My lapband trouble seems minor compared to others on here. I just don't want to wait for something major to happen,I have Medicare and I hope they will pay for a revision, I have gained back 30 ibs. Pain, reflux, stuck everyone I eat

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on 2/22/14 9:01 am - Vancouver, WA

I know you have had a rough time too and hope your revision will solve the problems you've had! Medicare should cover it at least they do in many states. I guess it depends on what area you are in some do and some don't but I sure hope you are in one that does!!!!

on 2/22/14 11:27 pm - Lake Odessa, MI
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Hijack! Hi Lucky, good luck tomorrow. I will be praying for you, too. My insurance paid for my removal and revision even though my UGI showed nothing. With what you have experienced I think you will qualify. If they say no just appeal until they do say yes.



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on 2/27/14 2:07 am - Davison, MI

Double Hijack!  Hope all is well Lucky.

BAND REMOVED 9-4-12-fought insurance to get sleeve and won! Sleeved 1/22/13! Five years out and trying to get that last 15 pounds back off.

Kate -True Brit
on 2/22/14 5:02 pm, edited 2/22/14 5:02 pm - UK

Edited. Sorry, put your real name by mistake. Have edited immediately.

Hislady,  so sorry to hear this. Just hoping do much for you that there is still swelling and that it does get easier.

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But some has returned! Up to 175, argh! Off we go again,


on 2/22/14 11:24 pm, edited 2/22/14 11:27 pm - Lake Odessa, MI
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I would guess that it is mostly swelling, and no, it doesn't go away within a few days always. Remember when I had my band out and the revision to sleeve? In my UGI it looked like a complete obstruction and I couldn't swallow my own spit. When I quizzed my surgeon he told me that while not common, it can happen with band removal. Yet at a full week out I could only tolerate a quarter tsp. of water at a time and shakes were too thick. It took going for IV infusions of 2 liters of fluids, lots of vitamins, and a bag of steroids to get the worst of the swelling down. Then I was able to sip a tablespoon every half hour or so.

My advice is if you don't feel better tomorrow call your surgeon and see what he thinks. The other thing, about the pain, is that this time around the gas pain affected my back in a different area for 8 days before it relented. Again, call your doctor.

I am so happy you were able to get your band out. I'll keep praying.



Highest weight: 212.8 Current weight 135 Lost 77.8 pounds


Stephanie M.
on 2/23/14 12:19 am

I was on soft foods/liquids for a month after removal.  I think it helped the damaged tissues heal from the surgery and damage from the band.  


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on 2/23/14 3:30 am - Vancouver, WA

Thank you ladies I think you are right I was a little too anxious for immediate healing! Everyday seems to be a tiny bit better, I'm still sticking to basically softish foods, altho in the hospital they put me back on a regular cardiac diet that I did fine on. Maybe I was just starving!  

I do know that a good deal of the pain is from my back because I fell right before Christmas and caused a stress fracture on my spine and yes some days I do feel like Job! I'm supposed to wear a brace that looks like a Roman soldiers shield! Can you say uncomfortable?! I'm trying to wear it more now that I'm home and the doctor made the company I got it from re-adjust it so I can at least use the computer and do my needlework. Still a pain in the rear but I guess if it will help it heal sooner I'll try to wear it, it just makes me feel claustraphobic!

One thing the nurses taught me tho was I can get my meds down if I put them in applesauce or yogurt. That alone helps keep the irritation down from all the meds I have to take. So take note any of you that have a problwem getting pills down because of a tight band or for any other reason. The band was still my biggest mistake ever tho!

on 2/24/14 10:46 pm - Milledgeville, GA

I agree with you.  All of my problems have continued to get worse over the three years I have had the band.  I need to get it out.  I can't eat regular food without difficulty, but I manage ice cream etc just fine, so I have gained back 12 pounds.  I never reached my goal, so I am still about 50 pounds overweight which is not okay.   I haven't had my band removed because I am worried I would just gain everything back immediately.  I am on Medicare, not sure that it will approve anything and my insurance won't pay if Medicare doesn't approve.  I wish I had the the by-pass.  I led a support group for two years and those people lost all of their weight rapidly and if they were not already very sick, have done very well.  One man in the group had a terrible experience because his bowel was *****ed and he had a massive infection, but he did survive and is still glad he had the surgery.  Another person was already in liver failure and is waiting for a transplant.

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