Loose port?

on 8/29/14 2:48 pm - Alexandria, KY

Anyone ever have their port come loose?  What did it feel like and how was it discovered?  What did the doctor do about it?  I'm 6 years out and the area around my port recently became hard and distended.  It was also sore around it.  I massaged the area tonight and now it feels like there's nothing there at all.  I haven't seen my doctor in years because he moved out of state, but I made an appointment with another local doctor for followup.  (He's actually the doctor I wanted in the first place, but at that time, he wasn't accepting my insurance.)  Anyway, just curious about this.

Kate -True Brit
on 8/29/14 5:02 pm - UK

You are right to get it checked. I have heard of ports becoming detached - it shouldn't happen as they should be firmly stitched in place but I have come across people online who say this happened.

is the area still hard and distended? Is it red? You say it is sore. Have you noticed any change in restriction?

the reason I ask is not to be alarmist but to encourage you to see your doctor as soon as possible. It is rare (the only actual figures I have seen are around 1-2% of banded people) but if a band erodes into stomach tissue there can be no symptoms until infection develops. This infection can travel along the tubing and cause pain, inflammation around the port site.

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on 8/30/14 8:05 am - Alexandria, KY

I'm seeing both my new lapband doctor and having an EGD by my gastroenterologist as soon as I get back from visiting my daughter's family, the week of Sept. 15 and the week after.  Hopefully we get this all figured out.  Thanks for the response.


on 9/5/14 6:57 am - Davison, MI

Mine tipped and became surrounded by scare tissue.  Your symptoms may also be from an infection/erosion of the band it self.  Good luck and let us know how it comes out.

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