on 7/17/15 2:33 pm - CA

Hello All:  I'm banded for 7 years now and just recently my port is giving me problems with feelings of discomfort.  Do any of you know what could be the problem?  Can it be a slight re-positioning of the port or do you think it's something else.  Thank you.


crystal M.
on 7/17/15 4:00 pm - Joliet, IL

Have you done anything to the area recently that would have caused the discomfort.  I ask because, in April I was in a car accident (I was fine no injuries) but the seat belt must have squeezed tight in that area.  For about a week or two I was tender around my port area.  It's fine ever since. 

Other than that I would not know and you should probably call your doctor

on 7/17/15 4:34 pm - CA

Thank you Crystal for your response to my post.  I hope it will go away by itself as the last time I went to see my Dr. he said that the port can move from time to time and it is a normal event.  We'll see how it feels next week.  Thanks.


Karen D.
on 7/19/15 7:54 am - NY
Revision on 11/24/15

Mine gets tender now and then.  I have been lifting weights and wonder if the movement causes it to shift some?  I hope you start feeling better!  I'm like a freak show when someone wants to know about my band I let them feel the port site.  Creeps them out.  LOL.  Mine is just under my rib cage on the right side.

on 7/20/15 10:41 am

My dr. told me that the tube can develop scar tissue and pulling can cause pain.  Also he said as the port ages and we loose weight and our bodies change it can cause the sutures around the port to be loose.  Mine would feel like it was popping out of place and my tube hurt like a hernia when I did yoga or sat wrong.  


When I had my anchor TT he changed the port to a new lower profile one and moved the tubing.  I am all good now.

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on 7/22/15 4:45 pm
Revision on 07/07/15

Mine used to pull and I was always numb in the area around it, I was told scar tissue caused the pulling and sometimes pain and nerve damage caused the numbness

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