Can anyone recommend Dr. Thoman in Santa Barara Ca?

on 10/20/15 2:32 pm - socal, CA


I am want to have my lap band removed.

Can anyone recommend Dr. Thoman in Santa Barbara, Ca?

Thank you,


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on 10/20/15 6:51 pm - Vancouver, WA

I remember you from the way back days!! I can't say about your surgery for removal but it is an easy surgery mine only took about 15 min. and healed quickly. Best thing I ever did for myself was get rid of that demon band!

on 11/11/15 9:31 am - socal, CA

I remember you, also, nice to see you.

How are you doing?



Zee Starrlite
on 10/26/15 8:17 am
VSG on 06/06/11 with

Hey all best with your band removal Sally!

I am in NYC so I can't recommend anyone in CA. I can say that my removal was not a bad experience at all physically. The port area is ALWAYS a doozy. That hurt/felt uncomfortable for a while. Emotionally I was a wreck lol. I did not revise until 6 months after removal. I felt like a normal pre-op. So you will be fine. Hope this doc is good for you.

, Layla

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Cindy W.
on 10/31/15 11:20 am

I remember you from way back too ! Good luck Sally I hope all goes well for you .

Cindy W

on 11/11/15 9:32 am - socal, CA

Nice to see you, Cindy W.

How are you doing?

Cindy W.
on 11/18/15 9:15 pm

Not good unfortunately . Sick in health and  trying very hard not to be bitter in attitude . I am a shell of the person I was before this lap band . Before I was a healthy fat person and today I am an unhealthy fat person inflicted with pain  almost on a daily basis from that evil device .... For the last few years... If I go more than a week without vomiting or waking up in the middle of the night with acid reflux.. even taking prescription medication  I count my blessings but when it hits its with a vengeance and I have to do shakes and liquids for a few days . It's a vicious cycle and I gave up a long time ago . I hope to have my band taken out someday but the thought of having to pay more money to do that is what is stopping me . I was self pay and I don't know if my insurance will pay to remove it . I have enough good days I tell myself it can wait  awhile longer . Bet you are sorry you asked lol as this is long . Let me know how this works out for you I hope and pray it hasn't affected your health and all goes well . ~ Cindy  

on 12/20/15 12:23 pm - Santa Maria, CA

Hi Sally,  

Dr. Thoman was the doctor who placed my band.  I saw him when I had issues with my band and he never wanted to un-fill me even though I was very tight.  I am getting my band removed next week due to complications due to my band being too tight and he is not the one doing it.  I got to the point that I didn't trust his decisions that go beyond being his patient.  

I now go to a bariatric center in Santa Maria and feel so much better with the care I am receiving.  

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