I want my lap band removed after 10 years.

on 11/11/15 9:30 am - socal, CA

I want my band removed after 10 years.

Every bariactric doctor I have a consulted with, wants to do a revision. Idon't want one.

I am fine with my weight the way it is now.

Now , also , I have having pain in my stomach over the last 4 weeks and it is very common for me to have gastritis and esophogits once or twice a year.

But this time it is accompanied by pain in one spot, which is different from the past episodes and I am on 4 previcids a day, which is the maximum and generic mylanta.

The last bariactric surgeon I consulted with, says if , after endoscopy, with my gastroenterologist, I have erosion, he will do an "open" revision, which I do not want.

I do understand if there is alot of damage, from a possible erosion, that repair work does need to be done.

However, I do not want a revision.

My problem, all the bariactric surgeons, I have consulted with this year, just want to do this.

I don't feel I can trust any of them that I have consulted with ..as far as band removal.

I am on Medicare with a vey good supplemental insurance,however that limits me to choices,  as I am 67.

Also I am in So California.

Help, I need adivise.


Nic M
on 11/11/15 3:21 pm

No one can revise your surgery without your consent. That would be malpractice if you went in for band removal and came out with a sleeve or RnY or DS. Insist on band removal only. Make sure your wishes are perfectly known. Even if it feels like you're repeating yourself, make sure you tell your surgeon, "NO revision. Band removal only." Pin it to your hospital gown, write it on your abdomen, if necessary.


I hope you don't have too  much damage and your band removal goes well. I think the chances that you'll be able to have band removal laparoscopically are very good. It would have to be pretty extreme for a surgeon to have to do an open incision removal. Wishing you the best... I hope you feel better very soon.


I don't know if your insurance would cover Dr. Keshishian, but he's world renowned for his surgical skills and ethics. Might be someone to check with.


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on 11/12/15 4:57 pm - Davison, MI

If the band has done to much damage they may feel you will have to have the revision to repair it.  Not just to do another surgery.

BAND REMOVED 9-4-12-fought insurance to get sleeve and won! Sleeved 1/22/13! Five years out and trying to get that last 15 pounds back off.

Zee Starrlite
on 11/12/15 6:36 pm
VSG on 06/06/11 with

Hi Sally!

You posted in 2012 that you had an erosion.  I don't know how you still can be standing for 3 years with an erosion.  I also don't know who would remove your band and revise you to another weight loss surgery with the condition of your stomach.  You would have to heal for months after band removal.

And no doctor can make you have a revision.  That's nuts!  Get your band removed once and for all.  Sounds silly to think a surgeon has to revise you.  They would need to have a huge malpractice policy to pay for a lawsuit.  Their license to practice medicine could be revoked if they did that against your will.

I simply had my band removed and No revision for 6 months when I DECIDED to have a revision.  Now the surgeon will have to do some work on your stomach because of your erosion . . .though I suspect you would not be breathing after 3 years with an untreated hole in your stomach.  Hmmmm?

Travel if you need to to get what is necessary.

All best to you.  I remember you from the early days here.  Surely one of your kids or grandkids could get you where you need to go.


All best, Layla

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on 11/14/15 7:56 pm - Vancouver, WA

Hi there I remember you too from the old days!! I'm so sorry you have had to join us who have had to have a removal but yo\u are with a good crowd most everyone I know who had a band has had to have it removed. Have you asked them what they mean by revision? They may be looking at it that there is so much damage that by repairing it they would be doing a revision. I know several people who have ended up with a sleeve simply because they had to remove that much of the stomach to repair the damage done by the band.

To be very honest with you the vast majority of people end up having to have a revision because even with their new way of eating they still end up gaining weight. So within a few months of removal they end up going back in for revision because they are unable to keep their weight down without some type of tool to help them.

Like the above folks have said they can't do a revision without your approval so you just have to put your foot down and insist on it. If when it comes time to sign for the surgery it says revision you can always refuse to sign it until the wording is changed. There is also no reason to have an open surgery, they should be able to repair it laproscipically. You are just going to have to let them know who is boss! I wish you the best and I agree Dr. K is your best bet in CA but he is in the San Francisco area. There must be some good docs in SoCal too I would think. Good luck to you!!!

on 11/30/15 5:18 am
RNY on 07/20/15

I can't remember all of the reasons why, but my doctor felt very strongly that the band removal was not a good option on it's own without a revision. I just remember her saying that after having it in pace for so long, it created scarring and other issues that if removed and left with no revision, would leave me with other medical issues. I had a low BMI at the time of revision, so I did not do it for weight loss (although it's been a nice side effect!)--I did it because I had to get that band out of my body and that was how my doctor wanted to do it! I am very happy with my decision to have the RNY. 

Wishing you good health--no matter what you choose to do.

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Zee Starrlite
on 12/3/15 12:21 pm
VSG on 06/06/11 with

Had no band for 6 months with no revision and no problems.  I just needed WLS to help me with my eating and weight.  I totally felt back to  pre-op with no band.


Good luck with your revision.

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(deactivated member)
on 12/22/15 8:41 am - NY

Hi Cal!  All lap surgeries need a consent for open procedure before surgery or it can't be performed.  Not just weight loss surgeries.  No one can predict what they will find or if an emergency will occur.  It is for your safety and protection.  It could save your life.  Get a surgeon you trust and leave the procedure up to him/her.  Good luck!

Nic M
on 2/13/16 12:25 pm

Any news or updates? Did you have the band removed and are you feeling better, I hope? 


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