I can NEVER have a fill

on 5/4/17 9:00 am

Hi I went to get my 1st fill today. I have had the band for 13 years. I found out today I can never have a fill. He tried to put 3ml and not a trickel of barium went through. He says I need to go to a Bypass. I won the Lapband & had a different Dr. put it in. So now I have to try to get the Bypass which I wanted to begin with but I got the Band for free in a contest. But ALOT of things have changed since 2004 & I no longer have ANY insurance nor money both my husband & I are disabled but only he gets SSDI. I need a total hip replacement as well with no insurance. We live on $1100 a mo. I may be able to get it for aprox $8500 through a program at the hospital but still it might as well be $85,000 when your poor & disabled. Please pray for me to find the $8500 somehow.

on 5/4/17 9:41 am

Why haven't you applied for Medicaid?

on 5/4/17 9:43 am

And why didn't the Dr. try a smaller fill? He didn't have to put in a full 3 ml.

on 5/9/17 11:14 am - Putnam, CT
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I don't understand why you don't have some sort of insurance. Both you and your husband are disabled, but can't get insurance?

You should be able to get some sort of state assistance if what you are saying is true.

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on 5/22/17 11:32 am

I agree 3ML is a lot at times I would only get .5ml and it made all the difference. Good luck to you!

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on 6/10/17 1:08 pm

Do you think the Dr wants to make a dollar of you? That's a lot for a single fill. Go to anot her doctor for another opinion

on 6/30/17 12:23 pm

If I'm understanding the OP correctly she said NOT a Trickle of saline would go through so why try less? If it's not going through it's not going through. And in respect to the Bypass, Revisions are Common with band removal regardless of what kind you have. But you don't have to have a Revision if you don't want to just get the band removed. And as long as you making a payment even if it's $5 a month IMHO it's better than keeping the band due to long term complications that can arise.

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