obera balloon outcomes / experience if you also have lap band?

on 5/7/17 3:01 pm - Bel Aire, KS

I have a lap band with no fluid in it. I have not gained all the weight back lost but probably half of it. Has anyone with lap band had the obera balloon placed? if so what have been your results?


on 5/19/17 5:40 pm - NE

When I saw the ads for those on Facebook, I thought the procedure was not allowed if you have had any prior WLS. I thought it would be a great idea but didn't pursue it because I also have an empty band.



on 5/23/17 7:15 am - AL
VSG on 06/28/17

I have not had the balloons. I am 7 years post band. I have had problems with stuck and vomiting the entire time. I have been completely unfilled for over 2 years and continue to have the problems. I saw my surgeon on Friday and he recommended that I revise to the sleeve and I am in the process of getting that approval. I have gained the majority of my weight back due to resorting to sliders because that is all I can keep down.

Lap band 5/2010 lost 37 lbs regain 22.

5/19/17 Surgery consult 201.6 lbs

6/15/17 approved by insurance(started liquid diet) 194.7lbs

6/28/17 Surgery weight 184.4

on 6/30/17 12:14 pm

I'm pretty sure since a band is a restrictive procedure AND so is the balloon that it may not be possible? And from what I understand The Balloon is in place only 6 months and you may lose weight but then your stuck with a band that's not working and will more than likely regain :(