tight band

on 6/19/17 1:23 pm - New York, NY

I have had my band for over 10 years. Every time I visit my family, I either am not hungry, eat smaller amounts than normal or have trouble digesting food. It is clear that my band tightens. I have heard that stress can make the band tighter, but I love being with my family and am definitely not stressed when I am with them. Does anyone have any idea as to what else could be going on has anyone had a similar issue?



Kathy T.
on 6/22/17 5:28 pm - Worth, IL

Hi Karen, I was banded in 2006 also. I just had the band removed 5 days ago. Your symptoms might be due to a slip. I had no fluid in the band and had a slip. I had trouble eating and coughing. Suggest you see your MD to be evaluated.

on 6/29/17 8:04 pm - Monticello, MN

I've found stress whether it be good or bad causes my band to tighten up - also if travel is involved. Then because I know my band tightens it is in my mind. Also I get excited then eat faster, I'm 8 yrs out.

on 6/30/17 11:45 am

When Abdominal Surgery is done Adhesions(Scar tissue) forms and for whatever reason it plays Havoc with the band. Most will be fine for years and then they develop complications like difficulty swallowing, eating Healthy foods, vomiting, it's best to have an Endoscopy done to rule out internal problems.

on 7/3/17 9:08 am

Mine seems tight if I am excited, anxious etc... Any overly emotional response, but I do notice stress is the most. And thought you may be excited to see your family, for me I notice that being excited is also paired with the nervousness of me trying to not eat all the yummy food at family events. And more so trying to hide that I am not eating so people dont make those comments, you know the loving/teasing ones about you being too skinny or not eating enough. I find if I keep busy by helping clear

We went to a BBQ yesterday and I almost did not go because I worried about all the food and drinking. I ended up going and being able to eat decently and just had a few glasses of wine. Even nearly 11 years out I still struggle with the social aspect of eating. Or controlling what I am eating.

Oh and if it is cold outside or I am cold FORGET IT! My band will be super tight, so I just sip warm water with lemon or something like that.

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on 7/20/17 12:46 pm
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a billion things can cause the band to be too tight, atmospheric pressure, the time of the day, the time of the month, stress. You name it...virtually everyone who has had a band has had this issue. You'll just have to watch the pattern and see if you can pinpoint it (though you can't control it).

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