on 7/29/17 4:10 pm
VSG on 10/05/17


Gwen M.
on 8/1/17 3:33 pm
VSG on 03/13/14

What revision are you having?

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on 8/1/17 5:28 pm
VSG on 10/05/17

I am having VSG the end of September. I am having my lapband removed and the sleeve done the same time. I would have had the sleeve done 9 years ago but, insurance did not pay for the sleeve back then. I do read your menus everyday and I am getting excited to be able to eat dense protein in the future. I still can't eat dense protein without getting stuck.



on 8/4/17 10:33 am

Hi I am glad to her you are changing away from the lap..would you consider no band or VSG? just wondering if the time you have had the band might help you do without surgery to manage eating?

I am sorry to heard you had issues!..I recall we had 2 fancy pants MDs come up and really PUSH the idea of lapland back in 2002 in our (remote) area (we'd be a captive audience, us country bumpkins) ...I listened to what they said, but they really dismissed issues like: if the fill is too much (some people could not swallow their own saliva!) or rice getting stuck ( answer: never eat rice) and I just felt is was not a solution I could choose and feel safe with.

wishing you smooth sailing on the next surgery. and real enjoyment of good proteins after.

on 8/4/17 6:05 pm
VSG on 10/05/17

Thank you, I can't lose the weight on my own unfortunately. I am going to get the sleeve. I still have 60 pounds off from the lapband. Just could not eat enough protein, and drink enough water with my band.


on 8/4/17 3:05 pm - MA

Are you confident that the surgeon will be able to do the removal and the revision on the same day? My surgeon said I would have to wait at least 6 months between surgeries because the part of the stomach they use for the VSG is same as where the band was sewn, and it needs to heal. Not sure if my doc was just being overly cautious, but that was one of the reasons I revised to RNY instead.

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on 8/4/17 3:39 pm
VSG on 10/05/17

No, I am not sure if he will be able to do it when he removes my band. If he can't I will do it in a second surgery. Thanks, for asking I will talk to him at final consult.