Hungry All The Time with Lap Band

on 8/7/17 12:16 pm

I had lap band surgery in 2009 and it never has really helped me lose weight. At best, it has kept me at the same weight I was when I had the surgery.

My problem is I am constantly hungry. I can eat a full meal and be hungry again in just a few hours. I try to eat several small meals a day but I end up being hungry constantly all day long. So this makes me always want to snack on things in between meals.

I have an appointment in 2 weeks for a fill (which I know is probably part of the problem) but I plan on asking my doctor about removing the lap band, or replacing it with something.

My main question for those who have gone through this is will I be hungry all the time after the band is removed? Because if that is the case, I might as well leave it in!

Thank you in advance for your guidance and support.


on 8/8/17 8:39 am

I had my lap band in 2009 also. I lost from 280 down to about 220 and leveled out at about 230. Of course I was never happy with the weight loss. My port was always flipped so fills were a nightmare. Fast forward to 2014 when I started having uncontrollable GERD. Everything got stuck, had horrible acid backup at night. I threw up almost daily. I finally started researching revisions in 2015 and found a doctor I was comfortable with and began a conversation about getting the lap band out. He sent me for a scope and said the lap band had to come out. He said he would revise me to RNY while he was in there if there was not too much damage from the band. Fortunately for me he was able to remove the band and revise to RNY. I spent two days in the hospital and came home without any complications. It has been two years and I am so happy I had the surgery done. I knew I could not continue to live the way I was. I was miserable all the time with the food getting stuck, throwing up and acid backup. Today I weigh 160, wear a size 8 pants and a small top. It was the best decision I ever made for myself. I just wish I had done the RNY the first time. To answer your question, no you will not be hungry all the time. You won't be hungry at all if you decide to revise to RNY. I had NO hunger during the first 12 to 18 months and I still don't unless I don't follow my plan. Talk to your doctor about your alternatives and make the best decision for you. Good luck!

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on 8/8/17 10:54 am

Wow. What an incredible story! I'm so glad you found what works for you. I will do some research on RNY. Thank you for sharing your story.

on 9/3/17 6:27 pm
RNY on 09/06/17

I had the same kind of story, I had my band in 2009, lost about 50 lbs. Had a breast reduction in 2016 but was gaining weight anyway. I was up to 200 again. They took the fluid out of the band for the breast reduction surgery. When putting the fluid back in I had nothing but difficulties. I had the band out in April 2017 and am scheduled for the Gastric Bypass RNY this week on Wednesday. I'm so happy I am having this done. My surgeon doesn't do the conversion right after the band removal, he feels its better to wait 3-4 months before doing another surgery. Unfortunately that caused my gaining 40 lbs more and I'm at my highest weight ever. I'm looking forward to not being hungry and losing this weight once and for all. I am also looking forward to getting off of blood pressure medication and cholesterol medication.

I am a registered nurse and have done a lot of research on this and it appears everyone is delighted with their decision when made.

Good luck, I agree have a conversation with your doctor. I was almost 10 years out from the band when I had mine out. They don't even do bands anymore due to the problems with them.


on 9/3/17 8:57 pm

Sharon, I'm so excited for You! I'm anxious to know how it goes. Please keep in touch with updates.

on 8/11/17 2:46 am - MA

Acid reflux can be "silent" and not cause too many of the traditional symptoms, like heartburn, but gnawing hunger can be a symptom of GERD.

I revised to RNY and lost all my remaining weight quickly and easily. I still suffer from silent GERD occasionally, and sometimes it still presents as rumbling hunger deep in my belly. Getting back onto my PPI or sipping Gaviscon takes it away, and really helps me understand how much acid can affect what feels like hunger.

Not sure if this is what's happening for you, but might be worth asking about getting onto a PPI and seeing if that helps.

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on 9/3/17 9:05 pm

Thank you, JuniperBerry, that is great information. I had a fill a few weeks ago and I don't feel hungry as soon after eating, thank goodness. Now I am working on eating better and I have lost 10 pounds since the fill! It's just what I needed to get motivated again.

on 8/14/17 11:43 am
Revision on 10/04/16

I agree with juniperberry that you need to investigate gerd because acid can feel like hunger pangs. One thing I can tell you as my band broke. if you are hungry now with a band you will be starving without it! that is how I knew it had ultimately failed. for me it was a no brainer to revise. no way I was leaving it in. it permanently damaged my esophagus and I was not planning to let it continue. particularly when my doctor warned me it could kill me eventually.

I revised to RNY and I love it, it is infinitely better.

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